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  1. Maintenance 12/09/18

    There will be a short maintenance today at 8 PM server time. Indeed, that is 26 minutes after this was posted. Patch notes will be posted afterwards. Patch Notes : - Chaos Forest of Moon ( Beta ) added to the game, it will appear in the District of Deities window! - Chaos Lunia Spirit Set added - 2 New quests to Selene NPC in the square have been added to unlock Chaos Myth 1 and Exchange Chaos Souls for an Item Box. Keep in mind that this is quite an experimental feature. The stats of mobs, the way the stage works, etc. may be changed depending on how things go.
  2. Patch notes 14/07

    Hi everyone, As promised, the patch notes! Level 75 skills were added for all characters. Keep in mind that these were originally made for newer versions of Lunia, and as such they may not be 100% accurate. They're not final and they will be changed when necessary; Page 4 and page 5 of the 75 skill can be obtained from the Gamble box at Selene in square; Turn Back Time (TBT) for Tia now consumes 80% of your maximum mana per use; 75 skills for DEX classes use 30% of your max mana, this was done to prevent mindless spamming of the skill; To further combat the mana issues, the cooldown from guild mana potions was changed from 10 to 30 seconds; Chaos coins have been made tradeable; Halonic and Selenic items have been made tradeable; Some changes to Crystals: - Divine Diamond Crystal (★★★ ★★) can now be sold for 1 Gold - Legendary Crystal (★★★ ★★★) can now be sold for 2 Gold - Divine Crystal (★★★ ★★★ ★) can now be sold for 3 Gold Soldin Spirit, Ancient Spirit, SD1 and SD2 boxes were changedto cost only crystals, rather than crystals and gold The quest for DKD boxes has had a change in pricing, from 10,000 gold down to 5,000 gold + crystals Rabbit and seahorse transformation items have been removed (they were causing server crashes)
  3. Maintenance 14/07/18

    Hi there, We'll be doing a maintenance this saturday, 14th of July at 9 PM server time. Further details will follow in the patch notes.
  4. About recent changes

    If you're willing to read this, I guess you already know about our most recent change! If you're not willing to read, then well... I'm not willing to listen to you either. You see, we made a change earlier. Quite a test, so to speak. However, instead of being all civilized about it, people feel the need to jump right to conclusions and figure it'd be best to just assume whatever they wish and think in apocalyptic theories. With that said, yes, we deal with a macro issue. Something you all must've seen. Why don't we ban them all? Well, that is quite simple. Before we even gather enough evidence on an actual macro, all of the botted gold is already spread out over the game. If we do ban them, they simply return. IP ban you might say? That would work, however the world deals with dynamic IPs. So why don't we ban the entire IP range? That's simple, we may ban innocent users. This process is too time consuming. Like you, we are here by our own will. There's not a single reason keeping us here other than wanting to make this game work. So what do we do? We try to prevent it. We've done so several times, and unfortunately they failed. This is the first time that you, as a player, feel the impact of our actions. Should we have told you beforehand that we were going to do this? Perhaps. Do we want to notify botters, however? No, we really don't. As such, it was simply thrown out there. Not the best method, I agree, but the best method isn't always the right method, unfortunately. As far as these annoying "money" comments go... we're not here for the money. There's no gain here, you donate to keep the server running. If you don't donate, the server dies. There is no money output towards staff and there will surely never be money input (even tho all of the main admins did invest in this at the start ). So perhaps you were wondering why it's so hard to fix such a simple issue? Hell, why not have a confirmation box with a code appear if you've been staging for X minutes. Simple fix, right? No, not at all. We're a private server, we do not own the resources allm once owned. If you haven't realized, every single patch ever done on Spirit has been based on existing content. This is because we cannot modify the client. There is no client source available, and thus modifications cannot be made, such as a simple fix above. Just look at the web market btw.. a simple example of things we can't do. We were unable to fix the market duping (client sided), because we can't modify the client. Thus, we had to come up with a new market. So... is this change permanent? Maybe. Maybe not. That's what we're testing. We'll see how it goes, and if it doesn't work as planned, we'll adjust it / remove it. So do not hesitate to post any constructive criticism or even ideas. Any input is welcome, as long as we respect eachother. Next time you wish to directly complain tho... keep those to yourself for a bit. Type them out... read them a bit... ask yourself "is this constructive criticism?". If not, reword it, otherwise discard it. This is not our job and I will surely never see this as my job. It's supposed to be fun, for all of us, let's keep it that way.
  5. Maintenance 11/04/18

    Hi, There will be a maintenance at Wednesday, 11th of April at 9 PM server time. We'll be doing several bug fixes as well as preparing the server files for a future update.
  6. ToES aura disabled temporarily

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately the ToES aura will be disabled temporarily while we look into a bug that allows people to stack its effect.
  7. Hi everyone, There will be a server maintenance this saturday, the 25th. It will take place at 9 PM server time. There'll be several bug fixes and updates during this maintenance, such as selenic / halonic accessories / accessories craft books. Exact details will follow. - Fixed the bug where Lime automatically died once he reached 0HP in a transform. - Fixed the bug with Chaos Tower Aura suddenly disappearing once you died ( next rotation ). - Fixed the bug where you were able to complete normal Psy and still finish the Chaos Coin quest requirement. - Added daily quests for M1 - M6 to help out newer players, getting some soul fragments. - Added Halonic / Selenic accessory craftbooks. - Added a Chaos Raid Title quest, it is the same concept as the normal raid title quest ( except you get cool wings once completed ). - Eir's True JoG should now deal the damage it is supposed to deal.
  8. Server Maintenance / Reboot 16-09

    Will move the maintenance to 8 PM, in 13 minutes from this post. Won't be here at 9, apologies for whatever impact it may have.
  9. Missbuy from Item Store 2.0

    Place the items in the first 3 slots of your bank. We'll get to them and remove them & refund.
  10. Hi everyone, Tomorrow, at the 16th of September there'll be a server maintenance / reboot. A fix will be applied to Kali to prevent her from crashing stage servers. It will take place a 9 PM server time.
  11. Account Stuck

    Can't find you stuck anymore. Guess you were helped / unstucked yourself.
  12. Account Stuck

    @Lucas Cardoso I suggest you stay out of threads you do not belong in. Failure to do so will result in many bad things. @Ediii I suggest you stop flooding my forums with nonsense. You can patiently wait until a GM gets to you.
  13. Suggestion, about the game

    The staff of Spirit Lunia would looooooove to do all kinds of fancy new things that aren't half-assed copy pasted sets with better stats than former sets. Unfortunately, the staff of Spirit Lunia has to deal with rule breakers. Many, many rule breakers. Besides that, they have to deal with people unreasonably lashing out at people, rather than giving JUST the proper constructive criticism. Oh and, let me repeat it again then... the Spider event is actually bugged, cannot be fixed and cannot be run. When you feel like you can post some constructive ideas without lashing out at us, feel free to open a new thread. Thank you.
  14. Ban Wave & GM Element!

    Hi everyone, Just now we did a ban wave based on a known, but unfixable, exploit, the famous RB exploit. In this wave, about 20 accounts were banned. Unfortunately, we would rather not wipe such a big amount of users at once, but we simply cannot tolerate such behaviour, especially when it's not fair to the rest of the community. Some of these accounts were like sold or traded after exploits were done, but once again, we have a rule in place against account sales / trades, and it is not our responsibility. In fact, I wouldn't mind allowing account sales based on these two conditions: they are sold solely for lcoins; an official GM must be used as middleman. But I'll leave that decision up to the community. Just keep in mind that unofficial sales, without the use of lcoins, are against the rules Other than that, I would like to introduce our new GM, @Element! Just like @Crash, @Searwen and @Wendy, he'll be here to help us make Spirit Lunia great again.
  15. Lunia Android App

    If you can assure me that people are indeed logged in outside of your app, ie. through our website, then I don't see an issue. I don't wish to kill app development, I actually love seeing people create tools. Carry on your work, we'll see what it does to traffic, but from the sound of it, there shouldn't be a problem~