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  1. newbie need some help and suggestion

    continue with the rbs until you reach the 7th, after that you will have a bit of g you earn by selling the garbage of the stages, ask for help, people usually donate Ancient Spirit items.
  2. Maintenance 12/09/18

    5 months since the last update, we need something new to motivate us.
  3. I can not connect

    I tried to repair it too, but it failed
  4. I can not connect

    It did not work, there is time that goes, others do not.
  5. I can not connect

    I'm connecting in the game, but it does not appear that I'm online, I can not send and receive private messages and messages in the guild or stage invitations. https://imgur.com/a/oTnMD3T
  6. [HELP] Asuka Myth Build


    This is a bug, it's written hand but it's only to equip in weap
  8. Feedback about DDM and more.

    I understand, it makes more sense now
  9. Feedback about DDM and more.

    this issue of the set I find interesting not to be negotiable, but in this case it would have to be done exactly as selenic, where you cultivate an item and change it for a certain part, if it is a drop system, it does not make sense not to be negotiable once What do you drop 18364876417 hands
  10. Feedback about DDM and more.

    about cod, I really liked having dropped only 1 foot in all the time that occurred, but the only thing I found bad was the fact that it was limited, for those who study / work there were few opportunities about the value of selenic items, some players who started playing recently do not know how difficult it was to get a halonic / selenic set, they never cultivated 84x each raid to have a set, raid that were very tiring, and with the release of an upper set, which does not need another set to be made, has made the set halonic / selenic unnecessary in the game, noting the amount of iris / dark eir, eir, which appeared in the game, and which do not need a relatively high status to get groups, we started to see how the scheme was flawed, many beginners who have a little more time to play, some had an absurd luck and got 2 weapons in a row, did not play 1/5 of that people who did halonic in cod, or selenic in raid, these same beginners put the ddm items to sell for a low value, which forced the players that made selenic, to put halonic / selenic items for a lower value, since it is a lower set, another s players who must starve, put the items for the lowest values, like a selenic gun int that a friend bought these days for 60kg.
  11. account blocked

    and I can not sign in to any other account of mine.
  12. account blocked

    I received a letter and changed the square nick: XumisGel server time: 3:35am
  13. made this post but apparently did not serve anything, I have not seen any improvement so far
  14. Nem ddx??? Please read this :'(

    the only thing I would like it to be changed, is the Chaos Lunia set relying on selenic to be done, as well as halonic depends on DKD, I played for a long time in DDX and Raid to complete the set I have today, and other players who are relatively new to the server, already with the complete Chaos Lunia set.