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  1. Character Prohibited

    Account name:Kevensieg Character name:Spotify Date and Time: 02/17 8:17 pm (Server time) Additional information: I was creating unbinding recipes and dced
  2. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, 50 DGB Bugado --> Remake Ty.
  3. Account Blocked

    Ok, sorry for the spam and thank you for answer me. But can you say me when this ban will last?
  4. Account Blocked

    Sorry, i have updated now can you help me now?
  5. Account Blocked

    Account name:kevensieg Character name:Bugado Date and Time:1/24 (idk the that time happened) Additional information: i just log in today and my account was blocked
  6. What is Halonic Amplification Card ?

    it's just a normal myth card(that one wich can activate your myth status on your sets like : 6%bonus damage or 1%hp regen off your damage),but the difference is that card give you +1 set effect on your halonic set(blue dkd one). if you don't have a halonic set, you probably will don't need it, just keep using the dgb one (wich comes every monday)
  7. i don't know how are the files from this post, because i've downloaded from a different place(a friend give me the files 2 years ago) but the files sounds are this : -------------------------PT BR------------------------- eu não sei como são os arquivos são desse post, por que eu baixei de um lugar diferente ( um amigo me deu os arquivos a 2 anos atrás) mas os arquivos de sons são esses: maybe u are having trouble with interface files,(locales folder) if u have the original file of spirit lunia just overwrite on Spirit Lunia/Locales on English.zip if u don't have i will upload for you. -------------------------PT BR------------------------- talvez você esteja tendo problemas com arquivos da interface,(pasta locales) se você tem o arquivo do Spirit Lunia original é só substituir pelo arquivo modificado em Lunia/Locales no English.zip se você não tem eu vou dar upload para você. Download (Mega) : Link Antivirus Scan: Link remember do not extract English.zip -------------------------PT BR------------------------- lembre-se não extraia o English.zip
  8. I don't recommend to translate spirit lunia, because there is alot of item that do not have on old lunia(global and LevelUp! Server) like: dkd items, chaos quests, new cs itens, etc... I recommend just to translate only chat voice to portuguese(press b inside a stage) , will not inflict on anything. ------------------------------------------------------------- Eu não recomendo traduzir o spirit lunia, porque tem muitos itens que não tem no lunia antigo(global e o da LevelUp!) como : set do dkd, quests chaos, os novos itens cash, etc... Eu recomendo apenas traduzir o chat de voz para o portugues(aperte b dentro de uma fase) , não vai inflingir em nada.
  9. Sales value in Crystals

    this ^^
  10. Have you tried reinstalling as an administrator? I say the installer and not the launcher, this already worked for me once. Ps: I do not know if SpiritLunia comes in installers currently.
  11. Bug quest.

    If I'm not wrong, you need to have some money in the inventory to fix. I do not remember the amount, and I do not remember if it will spend it. It is a "secret requirement" of the quest.
  12. Old Lunia Login Screen Theme

    I hate the music of Lunia Z, the old one had a sense of nostalgia. (English version of Fly Away) Maybe if they could put some button in the launcher, with: (new) (old) login screens. Or simply give us the files to manually update the login screen.
  13. Game crashed...

    Usually this happens to me when: There is a map voting Changing the square Alt + tab Before each loading: Do not equip an equipment Do not switch cs Do not open a box Do not take your pet off Alt + tab And anything that changes your status or any type of boxes. Rarely the game, will close in mid game.
  14. I can not open / uptade my lunia

    With me only happened 3 times, but I clicked on "continue" and finished. maybe a trouble with firewall. Ps: I opened as administrator.

    maybe a starter pack(or a quest reward in 7-9 for the first rebirth) with zugren equipment(bounded) and a book(-6 rebirth bounded version) for a second rebirth. because no one will unbind zugren equip for sell. this will gonna help the new players. but this is not on suggestion section... so, whatever