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  1. inside the 2.6 client folder there was a "player" folder inside the "sounds" folder that had each character's individual voices. inside the 2.7 client folder, this no longer exists... so i was wondering if anyone knows how to replace the character voices~ (NOT A BIG FAN OF THE ENGLISH/JAPANESE VOICES) note: i have the korean voice package from someone else who posted a download link ages ago thanks friends
  2. Account name: nickyisanoobcake Character name: chastiefol Date and Time: 2019/8/14 02:44 PM Additional information: it still says "the use of this character is prohibited"
  3. account blocked

    Account name: nickyisanoobcake Character name: chastiefol Date and Time: 2019/8/14 08:50 AM Additional information: was crafting night spirit items and then it kicked me out...
  4. Legendary Hero Title

    It been a very long time and I still haven't received the title... I know the post said that it will take a little while but I was just curious how much longer! Thank you very much~~ For reference, Account name: nickyisanoobcake Character name: chastiefol
  5. Title of Legendary Hero Quest!

    Character Name: chastiefol Day Started: 06/04/2018Day Completed: 06/04/2018Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/47Qkm1r would i also be able to get some boxes too :)))
  6. whisper or mail me! ign: chastiefol
  7. Lost Item

    o it's okay then not too big of a deal hehe i'll just gamble and pray i get it again
  8. Lost Item

    Character Name(s): chastiefolDate: March 16th, 2018Approximate Server Time: about 8:00pmItem Name(s)* & (Quantity): Special Merchant's ShopAdditional note: Switched guilds and the item was lost... didn't expect that item to disappear
  9. Gaon skills

    yes pls i agree, it's gaon's best skill but it doesn't have endurance frames
  10. hi friend, welcome back to lunia lots of nostalgic feels with this game hehe if you wish to join our discord server, message me! (we're trying to take all the english speakers)
  11. Account Blocked

    well it is... i've just never been addressed like that so this counts as some special acknowledgement to me c:
  12. Account Blocked

    i have been acknowledged by a gm as a noobcake wow this is a blessing
  13. Account Blocked

    Account name: nickyisanoobcake Character name: eunbin Date and Time: approximately 9:43 am Additional information: tried to reconnect to sq upon changing rb wings after mailing items and then i got dced saying account blocked
  14. B<CS+15 Service

    2k stage, 2.5k myth, +500 for acc, +500 for FIRST max, +1000 for specified max :))))))))))
  15. Accidentally Sold Item

    no the stage one! to get legendary hero!