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  1. Dex Limitation

    compensate it with soul value... not with crit chance
  2. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    remove dex 0 cd ult and 75 and make tia/ryan/ playable at this ddm/ddw. Ppl saying tia is op ? only in raids and ddx cze shock trap, she doesnt need a buff but the way the stage was made dont give any chance to tia deal a decent dmg. Buff> sieg/ralph/ryan/asuka/kali/krieg
  3. .

    char level 1 no set service 3k weap dkd ggwp
  4. Direction / path to take etc.

    where is the effect of CS items? and Ancient Spirit? u can also add some boss to ddx to replace those boring ones
  5. update plz

    when u guys will update the client in the download section site? i update my using the patch but it wont start.
  6. No Cooldown using Non-Myth items

    no lol, think max is 3k
  7. take a look at this

    Read that above, the guy take print behind me in square and says i steal an accessory. I do not sell service/account/gold/ anything not tradable. This is so sad to see, i dont receive any iten from this kid and this is an absurd and i know u can check it, but my point is that people can't just came here and say "over9OOO123221" steal me please ban him, this an absurd. *i'm posting here cze i cant asnwer in his post. Prints off all my chat last 10hours, and the guy is talking alone