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  1. Daily Giftbox transfer

    Hi dear! You need to post on this link. - And about the screenshot, post on Imgur and share the link here. Cya
  2. Hi dear, I think they wont do for now. They are on focus to bring news about update (phases, equipment and other things). We already made a post about rebalance and we got back a lot of positive opinions. 😊
  3. Lunia Spirit Lime 3-10L Solo by AlexandrexCix

    Nice my friend ❤️
  4. Jogador Novo

    Oii amigo, me adiciona no discord Moki#3361para quaisquer dúvidas suas deste servidor, eu lhe te ajudo com todo prazer. E se junte ao discord do jogo, onde possui vários canais e a maioria das vezes é mais rápido uma resposta lá do que aqui. https://discord.gg/m76n7S3 Cya dear 💗
  5. Solo ddm for fun...

    Niceeeeee dear! I loved, my friend Arch’s made too. Pls keep us and show for our Forum your videos guys. cya!
  6. Item Store

    Imgur dear, u can post there and share here.
  7. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Thanks for this dear. That’s it! We don’t need this rivalry guys. Let’s play and forget about this. Cya 😊
  8. Noob question about RB's

    Hi dear, welcome First: thanks @ArchmageDainn for making this text. Sorry my friend, I’m using your text to help him ❤️ First of all you should finish 7RB (using Blessed or Holy - lvl up 1 to 70 each time too). It cost about 150g each at website store or market square stores. You can make gold to buy them by selling the items you got lvling and the encarnate lunia items from quest each RB at NPC (you get about 130g each time). After that: - Ask someone to take you tower of Ordeals to open all the myth stages (with the key from tower quest). - Join a guild to go with party and ask the questions you have. - Try join party doing Daily Quest and do they (at NPC Selene in myth square - kill Lunia 5x, Foriel 5x and etc) - you can sell each Soul Fragment (quest reward) for 40g each or use at your cash items later. (you can easily farm 10 soul frag each day - myth 1 to 5. 400g everyday :D). - Sell the gods Souls you get (moon, wind, fire, darkness and others - not the soul fragment) at NPC. - Sell cold shining stones at market square (one pack with 250 cost about 400-500g right now). - Make friend with new player too, to play together at same myth stages. This makes game more fun and motivate you to keep playing. - Get Incarnate items at NPC's in myth square (now they come fort +15 and cold shining). - Buy sardes II items (they are good enough for the beginning and very very cheap right now). - Go at DDX party with strong players and get some crystals - you can sell them at market store, exchange they with item boxes at easter square or save them to get your title (explain about title later). - Keep farming gold solo or with party at M3 or M4 when you don't have a party. - Go at periodical events (lime invasion, troll elfic invasion) and try geting cash items at Golden Star Quest. - Use some Soul Fragments (from daily quest i mentioned) at those items to get some stats, making farming easier. - Look with your guild friends if they have old items to sell or give you. After being strong enough to farm gold faster, you have to buy/make those items: 1. Valkyrie Pet (looks like you are sieg. You need the pet to get 100% critical chance). (you can buy it at market square or buy it at square F7 with Lcoins. To get Lcoins you can dotade or buy at website market with gold you farm). 2. Title of Conqueror of District (you can get it with DDX stones at Easter Square - first quests of a fairy NPC in the fountain). Cost 7kg + ddx stones. (you can make it slowly) 3. Hand Chaos Lunia/DDM - Devildoom Moon (strongest set right now.) fort +15 cold shining add max (its a cheap item that gives you a good amount of stats). 4. Weapon Sardes II (and fort +15 cold shining + add max). 5. Chest sardes II fort +15 cold shining add max (this is good enough until you get a better one). 6. After this all, start buying set cash with the set bonus (only a few sets have those stats). This bonus is added with a blue card you can buy at store F7. Foot gives 20% speed, chest gives lifesteal, hand gives physical damage, head gives magical damage, weapon gives 12% damage... Hand is cheap and gives 8% physical damage (good for sieg). Cya dear.
  9. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    The true, i'm in excess, but i can sell for u my dear
  10. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Do u wanna attention?
  11. RB Book Quest in ToES?

    I loved your idea
  12. Hi @BelaHexe I think u are talking about some News Skills from a Old Gm (But it was a test, and was never update in this game). Look for ProjectGoddess on Youtube. This game doesnt have news 75 or 85! They are the same! But, like i said, some Ult are change.
  13. Hi dear. I will leave a link for u, because i dont have a video, who show for u All ultimate skills and 75 skill from Lunia Spirit. In Lunia Spirit: Some Ultimate Skill are change (Skill 85): Kali, Dacy, / Dark, Ralph, Ryan ( They are the old Ultimate skill). Arien gets a Buffs when she used 85 (increase her damage). DEX 75's: they are consume 33% MP because they are 0delay. But i'm telling, this is K-TEST video, not Lunia Spirit. Lime Skill 75 and 85: Some Old's Ultimate Skill: If anyone wanna show him, just post here. Thanks all.
  14. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    Thanks @forrest, U ARE PERFECT AND THANKS FOR THE EXPLANATION And come back to game, missing u <3. Go to discord too, i'm there. Cyaaa dear
  15. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    Are u kidding me about dark eir bufss, lime? We are talking about damage, balancing (Some Dex’s) and not about skill! PLEASE!