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  1. Only Ralph finishing the Tower DD ToES Video

    Gz, but at 18:00 you have 0 HP. 30 seconds later after your recording error, you have more then 0 HP... wtf is this sorcery?
  2. Remove ban

    What you guys don't get is this: It doesn't matter if its your bro or friend, if you let some1 do something illegal in your house OFCOURSE you gonna get punished for it. Next time you gonna let your bro macro again in your house and same thing will happen again. So really this is your own fault. Go pray that Selene doesn't come up with something crazy to punish the whole community, thanks to these stupid botters.
  3. Account blocked

    The point is not just playing on same ip, its the macro. You say you knew the consequences, but didn't expect this ban coming? You see what's wrong xD?
  4. account blocked

    Don't you love how they defend themselves? Good job crash ban all these lazy botters.
  5. Account blocked

    U should have told your bro to stop macroing then, but instead you shared gold with him ofc this ban is deserved.
  6. Ban Ban Ban! ALL Macro D4 accounts

    Zyes is that you? Anyways you are saying something right for once.
  7. Bug Skill 75 Ralph

    Cant we have a patch with buffs, nerfs, chaos lunia set fixed etc. before m2 gets released?

    Tell me how much you are willing to pay for 20k L-coins in PM.
  9. Soul frag passives at max rank

    Ok I know there is no expert or final strike physical on grade VII, but its still very frustrating to get final strike magical. And yes INT classes need it, so I'm not suggesting to remove it. I just want a NPC that can changes the passive with some gold fee OR some cheap Lcoin item that changes the passive. This would be great, cuz rate for grade VII is already very low and not getting the right passive on top of it makes things tedious.
  10. About pg3 75 skill

    No she should just remove the gold cost on DKD box quest. It will help newbies get DKD gear easier and page 3 price will drop by a lot, since box becomes more common.
  11. you cannot upgrading this item

    Because its bugged. You can use it on legs instead of support, but you will lose +2 on lightning god. >.>
  12. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Edit: Don't need transfer anymore
  13. DOUBTS

    Not sure about your first question so ain't gonna give an answer. About your second question; There is gonna be a high chance that you need selenic AND chaos lunia gear for m2, so you need to get both. And yeah max buff limit is 3 and the buffs themselves don't work with some other buffs ingame, it replaces them or something which sucks. You should get both sets, but you can equip 3 selenic and 4 chaos lunia pieces for just the damage passives.
  14. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    Yup I agree with you, but the things you ask for are buffs. Wind spinning breaker 5 hits >>>> 7 hits. Lvl 75 skill 3 hits >>>> 6 hits. Lvl 85 skill 1 tornado >>>> 3 tornado's at the end. Lvl 60 skill 1 hit >>>> 3 hits without nerfing its damage so ralph can have a bit more burst?
  15. TIA vs WIZ

    Come back and teach me how to PvP.