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  1. Overall Sugestions to make this game better for everyone :D

    How about we just remove myth (m1-m6). And then you just hand over sd2 cs+15 as starter gear. DX gets revamped and every boss gets same HP as 7th boss, but of course they all have a chance to give you a DKD box. (could add hardcapped stats/cds/debuff to prevent macro?) DZ and DX should be naturally unlocked after RB. (revamping the first part of DZ would be cool too)
  2. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    I opened 6 ddm boxes after patch: 2 heads, 1 glove, 1 chest, 1 pair of boots and panties. And some other people got wep already, so I think your friend is just unlucky.
  3. Suggestion for future content

    How about 10% HP regen each second instead of 2%? (Like 5% on fashion and 5% on chaos Lunia set)
  4. GM please look at the map DDX

    How about removing the gold cost on DKD box quest?
  5. Suggestion for future content

    Dude L3 is madness I cant do a damn there without a healer. (and I have full tundra) IMO they should enable pet and remove the debuff, and instead disable RB stats in stage. For myth(maybe stage too) make it possible to get only 1 max grade, so you don't get too high stats and start facerolling. If u want to make the game harder nerf the stats, don't add more 1 button ponies.
  6. Overall Sugestions to make this game better for everyone :D

    Yes just add a endgame untradeable myth set, but idk if its a good idea to resurrect spider queen event lol. (free DGB's?!)
  7. Help people not to quit the game.

    I leached dx parties with 2 Ariens and they did it in 3 mins too, so dunno why he thinks its special. Btw Banbanban you can get double max too, if you have a lot DGB for regrades. (spam till you get lucky) This is probably the reason why he wants to transfer his DGB to other accounts, but it doesn't really matter since almost every gear is tradeable. (make m2 gear untradeable and permaban people that buy/share accounts please)
  8. Help people not to quit the game.

    Again you just used google translate and think I hate every BR person, but its just a few players in this server that I don't like. And Selene already answered your question, this whole tread is BS: Donate in BR reaisUnfortunately, this is impossible.If we have different LCoin rate for different countries, everyone would simply convert their currency to the cheapest rate. We cannot be unfair to the rest of the players from other countries, so everyone must donate with the same currency.Also, it is impossible for us to accept reais as the server administrator is not a Brazilian citizen. This is due to Brazilian laws, and is not something we can change or control.Note that this also applies to alternate forms of donation other than Paypal, including, but not limited to: Bank Transfer Boleto PagSeguro You can, however, convert your currency into USD if you wish to make a donation. Edit: Hopefully you and your guild get caught in the future though.
  9. Help people not to quit the game.

    ''50% of this made 0 sense. and the other 50% was nonsense.'' (maybe you will finally understand if more people post this about you?) I changed more than 10 times though, because I like some aspects from both chars and couldn't decide. And that was when you finally had gold after leaching DDM with DKD, I remember I sold you cheap just to be nice but it seems that was a mistake. Your guild shares accounts like its a normal thing, multiclients, macros m4 etc. I just don't get wth you are trying to defend? You are suggesting something that will hurt the game even further and at the same time name the tread ''help people not quit the game''. What is this irony?
  10. Help people not to quit the game.

    First of all we were never friends, you were just calling me your bro every time you asked for free stuff. Second almost every1 knows you and your guild did a lot illegal stuff so don't give me this friends bullshet. Now you want people that buy accounts to swap their characters to their main account so they can transfer DGB. This just makes things worse.
  11. Help people not to quit the game.

    You bought a account with more RB's , multiclient'ed the hell out of raids and now want to xfer the easily gained DGB's to your other accounts. Nice try.
  12. Tundra set

    Okay this set trades a lot of stats for cool set effects, but it still needs some buffs especially in L3. You farm L2-10 mostly just for it to remove the debuff ONLY in L2 and not in L3 which sucks. Yeah the lifesteal is cool, but on low stats (even grades are all +1) its almost useless especially on non-crits. I know some1 is gonna say : "Get more RB's scrub!". But after having a lot RB's I could as well go crit set instead. Yet this set is made for legend and it should stay strong in L3 as well imo! OH and one more thing; The tundra guardian doesn't freeze bosses, so it could do more damage at least?
  13. Novidades

    She rushed Chaos Lunia for us even though it was not ready, but we wanted a patch and better gear to do raids. Now we have more bugs and if she rushes another new content + on a new version... game will probably break lol. I was thinking maybe spider eggs in gamble box, but you can get DGB with spider eggs and that would hurt the income of the server itself. We don't need Chaos Lunia rings tbh we have too many stats already, and we will probably get crazy set effects with the gear in the future. (set effect for full selenic accessories would be cool though)
  14. Novidades

    CoC wasn't gonna get a change I think. Those bosses probably not. Achievements probably yes since we will get 2.7v. The plan was ddm + selenic for chaos m2 gear. Your questions were already answered before in other threads, but yeah whatever. They never give dates on next patch so...
  15. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    You really need to start improving your English, cuz you don't understand what you read. You not knowing your place against a GM annoys me, I'm not hiding behind them or whatever crazy logic you have in your mind. ''everything you said is shit. If you proud of your shit, enjoy it by yourself. 99% you said wrong or trying to bite people.'' That is already prove that you are mad and cant comprehend what others are saying to you. ''Wrong----cod is like M6/d6. solo got less than 1% reward. Also, Iris really weak at that time. Iris got buff after COD.'' Exactly that reply was IF COD would still exist right now, as usual you didn't understand it. ''wrong----he has no ability to do it like Alex. then he wanna remove it. lmao. Vit class has advantage for ToES.'' Alex is better then me indeed, but having a ranking on tower just sucks and yet again you didn't understand that. ''wrong----he just wanna disagree simply because he wanna disagree. Now everyone know how powerful of those xform pot I menetioned.'' Crash already answered this, but you still coming up with terrible logic. ''wrong----he has no idea about crinson fire and high dps of iris.'' ''wrong-----some dex class like Arien/ryan are really poor for ddm now. just like other arien player said, "1 minute? R u serious or just spitting shit from ur mouth?" So you want to nerf iris damage, while keeping one of the best burst skills in the game at 15 sec cd. (glad you aren't the dev) ''wrong-----kept repeating everything I said but didn't know any details about why lime op. Still thinking about lime before COD.'' Lime is still the best VIT class, and as I said before Lime should have been disabled before his nerf. (yet again you didn't understand me at all) ''about 75/85 skills. ----- all wrong. page 1 of 75 skill like 2k. need like 50 runs Legend 2-10 or so. So to speak other pages.'' Got 1st page after 20 runs 3 days ago. (come back to this thread after actually playing the game)