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  1. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi Element, Please transfer 12 DGB's from Somebody >>>> Dragonblood. Thank you.

    Not sure about your first question so ain't gonna give an answer. About your second question; There is gonna be a high chance that you need selenic AND chaos lunia gear for m2, so you need to get both. And yeah max buff limit is 3 and the buffs themselves don't work with some other buffs ingame, it replaces them or something which sucks. You should get both sets, but you can equip 3 selenic and 4 chaos lunia pieces for just the damage passives.
  3. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    Yup I agree with you, but the things you ask for are buffs. Wind spinning breaker 5 hits >>>> 7 hits. Lvl 75 skill 3 hits >>>> 6 hits. Lvl 85 skill 1 tornado >>>> 3 tornado's at the end. Lvl 60 skill 1 hit >>>> 3 hits without nerfing its damage so ralph can have a bit more burst?
  4. TIA vs WIZ

    Come back and teach me how to PvP.
  5. Donating in other ways instead of PayPal

    I want this too but it isn't gonna happen, cuz Selene said this 1 and a half year ago: Donate in BR reaisUnfortunately, this is impossible.If we have different LCoin rate for different countries, everyone would simply convert their currency to the cheapest rate. We cannot be unfair to the rest of the players from other countries, so everyone must donate with the same currency.Also, it is impossible for us to accept reais as the server administrator is not a Brazilian citizen. This is due to Brazilian laws, and is not something we can change or control.Note that this also applies to alternate forms of donation other than Paypal, including, but not limited to: Bank Transfer Boleto PagSeguro You can, however, convert your currency into USD if you wish to make a donation.
  6. Change Daily BOX

    You have to post in this topic:
  7. Extracted Item

  8. Skill 85 and 75 doubt

    Lvl 75 skill pages: 1st page at legend 2-10. (100g~) 2nd page from ddz box. (100g~) 3rd page from ddx box. (50kg+) 4th and 5th pages from raid gamble box. (4th page 1kg~ and 5th 5kg~)
  9. Iris and ddx 3 mins

    No creativity whatsoever. And since I'm your personal troll, only you can feed me.
  10. Iris and ddx 3 mins

    Damn you completely lost it. In your first post you QQ about feeling ''attacked''. But in your second post you try the same stuff, but fail at it. Keep going people still have a lot popcorn. (aye I'm feeding the troll)
  11. Iris and ddx 3 mins

    I recommend farming DDM set and coming back to raids after you are 50k+ str. Yeah I know it sound crazy, but you will need to farm it a lot and with more str it will be much easier. All that effort for 3 chaos coins is not worth it imo.
  12. Iris and ddx 3 mins

    What's wrong with that if you are my ''bro''? Attacking would be different I'm trying to help ya, but it seems you are butthurt so ill stop.
  13. Iris and ddx 3 mins

    You still didn't understand what Crash said, keep reading it until you educate yourself to some1 else's opinion. And you still keep repeating the same stuff, its like you are some kind of bot. (or troll ) If you don't want a doctor I can call an Eir.
  14. Iris and ddx 3 mins

    I think you need to read what Crash said 30 times, to understand that he actually answered everything. But instead you keep repeating yourself, thinking that we didn't understand you. I feel bad for ya now... should I call a doctor?
  15. Family box for rebirth

    You simply don't, I think there is one like that for reaching lvl 80 as well which we wont get. Oh and there is no box either for staying online 100 hours in a family. Edit: ye Crash told you why