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  1. Tundra set

    Okay this set trades a lot of stats for cool set effects, but it still needs some buffs especially in L3. You farm L2-10 mostly just for it to remove the debuff ONLY in L2 and not in L3 which sucks. Yeah the lifesteal is cool, but on low stats (even grades are all +1) its almost useless especially on non-crits. I know some1 is gonna say : "Get more RB's scrub!". But after having a lot RB's I could as well go crit set instead. Yet this set is made for legend and it should stay strong in L3 as well imo! OH and one more thing; The tundra guardian doesn't freeze bosses, so it could do more damage at least?
  2. Novidades

    She rushed Chaos Lunia for us even though it was not ready, but we wanted a patch and better gear to do raids. Now we have more bugs and if she rushes another new content + on a new version... game will probably break lol. I was thinking maybe spider eggs in gamble box, but you can get DGB with spider eggs and that would hurt the income of the server itself. We don't need Chaos Lunia rings tbh we have too many stats already, and we will probably get crazy set effects with the gear in the future. (set effect for full selenic accessories would be cool though)
  3. Novidades

    CoC wasn't gonna get a change I think. Those bosses probably not. Achievements probably yes since we will get 2.7v. The plan was ddm + selenic for chaos m2 gear. Your questions were already answered before in other threads, but yeah whatever. They never give dates on next patch so...
  4. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    You really need to start improving your English, cuz you don't understand what you read. You not knowing your place against a GM annoys me, I'm not hiding behind them or whatever crazy logic you have in your mind. ''everything you said is shit. If you proud of your shit, enjoy it by yourself. 99% you said wrong or trying to bite people.'' That is already prove that you are mad and cant comprehend what others are saying to you. ''Wrong----cod is like M6/d6. solo got less than 1% reward. Also, Iris really weak at that time. Iris got buff after COD.'' Exactly that reply was IF COD would still exist right now, as usual you didn't understand it. ''wrong----he has no ability to do it like Alex. then he wanna remove it. lmao. Vit class has advantage for ToES.'' Alex is better then me indeed, but having a ranking on tower just sucks and yet again you didn't understand that. ''wrong----he just wanna disagree simply because he wanna disagree. Now everyone know how powerful of those xform pot I menetioned.'' Crash already answered this, but you still coming up with terrible logic. ''wrong----he has no idea about crinson fire and high dps of iris.'' ''wrong-----some dex class like Arien/ryan are really poor for ddm now. just like other arien player said, "1 minute? R u serious or just spitting shit from ur mouth?" So you want to nerf iris damage, while keeping one of the best burst skills in the game at 15 sec cd. (glad you aren't the dev) ''wrong-----kept repeating everything I said but didn't know any details about why lime op. Still thinking about lime before COD.'' Lime is still the best VIT class, and as I said before Lime should have been disabled before his nerf. (yet again you didn't understand me at all) ''about 75/85 skills. ----- all wrong. page 1 of 75 skill like 2k. need like 50 runs Legend 2-10 or so. So to speak other pages.'' Got 1st page after 20 runs 3 days ago. (come back to this thread after actually playing the game)
  5. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    Actually I'm not even trolling, you just dodged nearly everything I said as usual. You even made a triple post in this thread. (thx for posting evidence on other threads to prove me right LOL) And Crash did answer them clearly, unlike your crappy English posts which are frustrating to read. How dare you call Selene ''papa''? You don't even know she is a women, yet still trying to act like you know everything.
  6. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    DDM set bug was already known and answered in another thread. Life leach changes were already answered as well in another thread. Buff cap changes were obviously gonna happen. Lime hp bug answered 1 million times as well. Server crashes explained ALOT of times. (Of course they are gonna disable xform pots, we talked about this in another thread.) And I noticed you said they are working on 3.1v when its actually 2.7v. But you got one thing right, this isn't a discussion but a complaining thread. And I'm complaining that you guys are complaining. ''Ok?'' Edit: Its really hilarious to see you talking about freedom of speech and respect. IF you want to talk about any more rules you didn't read; double posting is not allowed. (You two have done this many times and still not banned!) And did you really just say that NO ONE cares if Selene reads or not?! Damn I'm done.
  7. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    Why are you guys forcing GM to answer the same questions all the time? Hopefully Selene doesn't read your posts, or else patch will never come with all these rants.
  8. Best int character ?

    Dark Eir.
  9. Best vit,dex, and int

    Ralph, Asuka and Kali are the best!
  10. The future of the game

    Yea he is the game master, not the owner of the server. And he can check for macro, many people got banned already. He said he doesn't want to bother the 1 dev; every time someone asks when the next update is. Forest already made a good guide that contains shittons of information:
  11. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi Wendy, Please Transfer 12 DGB from Somebody to ---> Dragonblood. Thank you.
  12. More an imbalance in the character

    Because he had no passive to begin with, it was added on this server. And the dye would only give 4% multiplicative increase in damage which sucks. You can +2 storm kick on glove, which has the lowest cd out of all our skills.
  13. The future of the game

    Major spoilers!
  14. Only Ralph finishing the Tower DD ToES Video

    Gz, but at 18:00 you have 0 HP. 30 seconds later after your recording error, you have more then 0 HP... wtf is this sorcery?
  15. Remove ban

    What you guys don't get is this: It doesn't matter if its your bro or friend, if you let some1 do something illegal in your house OFCOURSE you gonna get punished for it. Next time you gonna let your bro macro again in your house and same thing will happen again. So really this is your own fault. Go pray that Selene doesn't come up with something crazy to punish the whole community, thanks to these stupid botters.