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  1. Account Blocked

    fixed tks
  2. Account Blocked

    Account name: clarings@hotmail.com Character name: clarings deadlylady Date and Time: 11/5 5.17am Additional information: mailed and changed sq too fast
  3. Account Blocked

    solved... tks
  4. Account Blocked

    Blocked after changing squares Account name: claraknop@gmail.com Character name: mck21 Date and Time: 9/11 7:24 am
  5. Account Blocked

    Can any 1 check my accounts cos i they seam blocked again after changing square market 1 to another square Thanks.
  6. Account Blocked

    nvm ... its working now.... maybe a patch issue... so weird....
  7. Account Blocked

    Account name: clarings@hotmail.com Character name: clarings Date and Time: 22 july 2019 , 5.11 Additional information: i loaded sq market 1 , and when i changed to sq br 1 it got stucked and i coundnt load any square ... then i tryed to reload and said it was blocked.

    I wanna send 10 daily box to my other character 10 Daily Gift Box IV, clari -> deadlylady thanks
  9. S> DKD Vit Weapon

    Selling DKD Vit Weapon Mail me offer ign: clarings
  10. B> DYE MAGIC FORT (Eir)

    B> Dye Magic fort +2 or +1 (Eir)