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  1. Live on, playing lunia twitch.tv/hezgod/

    Live on - aT sQUARE
  2. The title says all. LIVE
  3. Account stucked

    Account Stucked in lobby Account: yugumecharita7 i can't login in the account https://imgur.com/a/Ewz58N1
  4. Account Stucked

    Account Stucked in lobby Character yugumecharita7 i can't login in the account https://imgur.com/a/Ewz58N1

    For any reason when your hp reachs 0 during a transformation you stantly died (this had not happened before)
  6. Visual cash itens

    Is there any way to put these items in the store or add a functional event to get these cash items?

    This looks good, thank you for share
  8. Client Error

    My main client is doing the same thing, after click in start he just shut down, but i find a temporary solution, this just happen with my main client, when i tried to open my sandclients works fine. So, try to open your client with Sandboxie Also. the game stopped to open after i clear the settup with CCleaner @Edit: after that i can only open 1 sand client, everytime i tried to open another, my client closes in the character selection
  9. Account Blocked

    Here is your answers, have fun!
  10. Conquistas

    You haven't seeing anything ask about that because Selene saids all in another post. Also
  11. Laucher esta fechando sozinho!!!

    Posts em português são automaticamente ignorados pelos moderadores.
  12. Deadly bow chance/crit hate and Movement speed doesn't work, however the set effect show's be "Active", can u guys take a look? 7 Effect active, but the deadly bow doesn't up 6 parts and we have the same crit rate
  13. I dont really know if i can talk in this area, but im a player like u and the solution I propose is create a new one and go ahead with your game, I do not think they need to help you after you were being banned for bug exploit, but that's just what I think. And like u said your big mistake was give informations of your account, and According the rules " Account sharing is done at your own risk. "
  14. Your game has crashed, try the option "Character Stuck" in the site http://www.spirit-gaming.net/web/index.html
  15. Character blocked

    Nome do personagem: Socao Data e hora: 12:40 pm Informação adicional: i send a letter to other character and try to complete a quest, after that my characater dc'd and blocked