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  1. Lunia does not open

    Try renaming Cards.xml in your lunia folder to Cards_old.xml and try again
  2. Lunia does not open

    Post your LuniaClient.log
  3. 32/64 bit random question

    32 bit only
  4. MacOS?

    You can use Wine, I run games such as Warframe and Natural Selection 2 on minimal settings with 25-45 fps on a GT650M
  5. Client Crash

    After you have downloaded the manual patch you have to run LuniaClient.exe only the first time, it will install and launch the new patcher. If you have an allmpatcher.log file post the content here.
  6. Client Crash Issue

    Update the graphic card driver to the latest for your OS
  7. Error Microsoft .Net Framework

    As I suspected, the problem was the special character ê. For everyone else having the same problem and for future references, please install the game in a folder with only standard a-z/0-9 characters in the path.
  8. Error Microsoft .Net Framework

    Move the game folder to C:\Lunia and try again
  9. Error Microsoft .Net Framework

    Please try these steps: Temporarily disable antivirus and download accelerators Check that you have atleast 5GB of free HDD space Delete the __cache__ folder from the game folder After that try launching the patcher again
  10. Client Crash

    Did you run LuniaClient.exe? (not Lunia.exe)
  11. Error Microsoft .Net Framework

    Can you post Allmpatcher.log content here?
  12. Error Microsoft .Net Framework

    Did you run LuniaClient.exe? (not Lunia.exe)
  13. Bug Lacuher, Patch

    Does http://us-lunia.spirit-gaming.net:6969//VersionFile.dat load in Internet Explorer? (Internet Explorer only, not any other browser) // Edit: The cause was found to be DAP (Download Accelerator Plus), uninstalling it solved the problem
  14. Bug Lacuher, Patch

    Try this command in an elevated privilege cmd regsvr32 urlmon.dll