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  1. The specified account has been banned.

    Not on banlist.
  2. Account Blocked

    Your email is not your account name.
  3. Account blocked

    Your email is not your account name. Unblocked.
  4. RB Book Quest in ToES?

    Level keeping rebirth is not gona happen. At least not with a 1 month delay only.
  5. account blocked

    Your email is not your account name. Unbanned.
  6. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    It is our old version that our former dev leaked. It is not a real 2.6. It is just a patched version of an even older leak.
  7. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    So first of all so you can understand it a bit more. It is indeed not our code. But the biggest issue is there is no real source code leak of the game. Meaning it is almost impossible to change core mechanics as stat scaling (well we actually found some wacky access but forget that for now). And the issue with stat scaling is well known to us which is why as others pointed out we added titles/pets to increase your crit damage multiplier on a dex character. However, as those items are received stepwise you probably run into some walls here and there as you are not supposed to get the highest possible crit damage mulitplier with lower gear. If you think about it that makes a lot of sense as you would probably dominate any int/vit char in terms of damage if you had it from the start. That problem is even worse in stage. If you balance a character to be similar damage wise to a int/vit char at high gear myth without doing so by adjusting the dex crit damage like we did, you would end up with a ridiculously easy stage gameplay on dex. Str scaling beyond 10.001 str is a x^2 function. Before that it is linear. Oh and about the gear you need for stages to beat them is a little bit unfortuntate. Keep in mind that cs+15 and single max grade almost double the stats of an item.
  8. You see that? igorpeltrow1 is your account name. Forced a disconnect.
  9. Your email is still not your account name. T.T
  10. Wish I knew which account to disconnect. There never is a character stuck. If your account gets stuck on the login server all we see are account names.
  11. Account Blocked

    Because sharing your personal information like email isn't the smartest thing to do. You might end up getting spammed etc. On the other hand with only your account name. Nobody can harm you in any way.
  12. Account lockout

    Your email is not your account name. Also use our report format including character/accountname etc. We can't help you without knowing which account/character is yours.
  13. Account Blocked

    I already told you that selene was the one who banned you. I don't question her decisions especially regarding server finances. She is the one you have to consult regarding this.
  14. Account Blocked

    You lagged out on crafting and tried to craft 2 items out of only 1 material. Unbanned.