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  1. Account Blocked

    I don't get how we missed this post, but that account is not on banlist, nor is it connected to the servers right now. Are you sure these informations are correct?
  2. Does TW server run normally?

    Unfortunately I am from Europe and can't really test tw servers, but I will let selene know.
  3. Account blocked

  4. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    Excuse me but I am not gona read all that. If there was anything I should know make a proper post. Gona close this here.
  5. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    I read all forum posts. I check the forum every day unless something unexpected happens. I don't know how much time Selene spends on the forum but I would guess she does not read much into it because she doesn't have to. If there is anything that she needs to know the other GM's will tell her. Some posts don't get immediatly answered simply because the answer was given already or there is no answer needed (e.g reports lacking information, criticism without argumentation...). I don't feel like repeating myself. You can clearly tell that when checking the forum. Reasonable posts get answered within a day or less. You already knew that. I mean I said we gona fix the set in a way to make it work. Giving you the detail of changing how the buffs works regarding their limit doesn't really change the situation for you, nor is it a crucial information. Basically you knew that we gona do something about it. What you got now on top is how. The result is the same, things won't go faster or different you just made me rephrase what I already said including current knowledge of how development goes.
  6. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    All these transformations are basically bugged. For magic damage there is a random multiplier of 8x dmg which is why they are so strong for them. It looks like allm fixed it on later versions, alltough I don't really see why they bothered to rebalance them. Our main issue is basically that almost 90% of server crashes are related to transformations. Once we update the core of the game and fix the crashes related to transformations we will eventually look into those potions, but for now the easiest fix would be to just disable them and limit the use of transformations. Unfortunately, allm did many things without announcing it. In the patchnotes you would usually just see a small note like -several bug fixes, which in many cases ended up being major changes. They probably didn't want to show the players where to look for exploits :D.
  7. Account Blocked

    Not on ban list.
  8. Account Blocked

  9. Fix the buff of ddm clothes

    We already found a solution to the annoying buff cap, which will allow us to prevent them from overwritting each other. It will be part of the next patch. As for life leech I think I already mentioned it, but the % value is simply too broken to balance around it, therefore future sets will no longer have such effects. This also means that we will revamp the life leech on the cash set sooner or later. If you think about life leech you will realize that in a game like lunia where characters grow stronger as time goes by is a bad decision (Other games removed it therefor entirely) and in some way disable all mechanics revolving around enemy damage and character defense (You either have 100% hp all the time or 0).
  10. Conta Presa

    Your email is not your account name. Your account name is madahadcuo, please keep your email private (it's in your interest). Forced a disconnect on madahadcuo.
  11. Blocked account

    I will not release an account and thereby set 50k or even more gold which does not belong in the game free. I do not have access to remove gold from characters, so there is no point in asking me. Farming 50k using a macro takes quite a while (3weeks?), so you have to know what you are doing. Anyway I can't do anything about it. Your best chance would be to convince element or selene to remove the gold and release your account, but I highly doubt it will happen in this case.
  12. Account blocked

    Acc: MJJJ2 Char: Goyo IP: 218.xxx.104.146 Autobanned by mail system [mailed right before/after square change] Unbanned.
  13. Account blocked

    Double post.

    That account was banned on the 2017-08-22 at 08:37:00 for receiving gold from the macro tias AnandaShake and Sumisso.
  15. Account blocked