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  1. Some sets missing

    We actually extracted those set skins from the 3.1 files and added them manually. And with we I mean someone else did it back then. I don't think that any character was skipped on purpose but I will make sure we check that.
  2. account blocked

  3. Some sets missing

    The newer characters do not have those sets at all simply because allm never invested time into creating those sets for them. There are a couple of sets which 3.1 had that we could eventually add at some point but for many old sets newer characters they do not exist at all.
  4. Account Blocked

    Your email is not your account name. Selene banned your account rhuangussem because: (selene) chargeback
  5. account blocked

    In fact right now you have 5 characters online on the same IP, just saying: xxxxx Crazybafyx SquareBR 1 24.115.xxx.xxx xxxxxx Flamminggo SquareBR 1 24.115.xxx.xxx xxxxx Mortis StageUS 0 24.115.xxx.xxx xxxxx RyanHizuz MarketUS 0 24.115.xxx.xxx xxxxx Eats SquareUS 1 24.115.xxx.xxx
  6. Account blocked

  7. Account Blocked

    We are currently having a maintenance so that is the message you get.

    Well here is my guess. Due to us patching more frequently the playerbase increased again, causing stage servers to lag as more people play. That bug is just like having a room without any monsters on which you can just pass due to server lag.
  9. Account blocked

  10. Account blocked

    Why did you just create 2 forum accounts to ask for the same unban? Unbanned.
  11. Account blocked

    Double post.
  12. Account blocked

  13. Account blocked

    Your email is not your account name. Keep your email private... Your account name is LUNI. Unbanned.
  14. account blocked still???

    Can't find it on the banlist. It shouldn't be banned.
  15. Broken toenails drop rate

    The rate is far lower as you might expect. You should get a broken toenail about every 300~500boxes. Either way our previous dev added it as a 100% drop for each run of 3-10L. Consequently, 7-9h is a waste of time regarding farming rod V weapon. I personally think it is far too easy to obtain now.