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  1. The reason for that skill to require lvl 1 to do the glitch is simple. Allm made many skills work differently on skill level 1 to support pvp which makes many combos easier. Some skills such as dainns fire heart even have an additional hitbox. Dainn's non rb red fire dragon also does an extra hit on level 1 which makes it possible to be used in air combos.
  2. Disabled account

    In this case I couldn‘t because the logs were incomplete. I already told you that it is quite an unfortunate case but I will not risk that any exploited gold gets into the game. And no when I check the IP‘s I can‘t tell for sure at all since your IP‘s change almost everyday. If that means that your friends who are all playing tia, have the same name, have the same runtimes and send their stuff to the same person, yes that is not allowed. I really hope that you understand this sarcastic answer.
  3. Account Stuck

    Forced a disconnect.
  4. Disabled account

    So there were 6 accounts online which all start with the name yugumecharita of which 5 were tias in m4. That your account was online at the same time on the same IP is unfortunate but either way this would result in a temporary ban (14 days total). Aside from that I still have to read into those tias logs and decide if they stay banned or will be released at some point. Not sure what the other post here was about but there were clearly no more than 2 person on that network...
  5. Disabled account

    Accounts are shared at your own risk.
  6. Account Blocked

    Yes for now until I find the time to figure out what those tias were doing but there is an obvious guess.
  7. Disabled account

    Great information. I need an account and character name.
  8. Account Stuck

    That is not your account name.
  9. Account Blocked

    Your accounts are banned for multiboxing. You had 5 tias running in m4 simulatinously.....
  10. Account blocked

    That account was banned half a year ago due to account trading.
  11. Account Blocked

    All your reports so far have been done incorrectly and I will ignore them in the future if you don't start giving the correct information.
  12. Account Blocked

    You report on the 6th december for something that has happen on the 4th? Anyway there is no such ban on the banlist for the account FrangoTL.
  13. Account Blocked

    You email is not your account name.
  14. Account Blocked

    Double post closed.
  15. Account Stuck

    Yea repost. Great job twice. Also I love to see caps lock. Closed.