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  1. Acc block, i want to play :/

    Also your account is logged in this very moment.
  2. Acc block, i want to play :/

    There is no such ban on banlist...
  3. Account Blocked

  4. I'm stuck online on the game!

    Forced a disconnect.
  5. Account stuck

    Forced a disconnect.
  6. Account stuck

    Your email is not your account name.
  7. account log on

    Forced a disconnect.
  8. Crash by c++ method

    Yea well that fatal error is related to a memory leak which is not fixable without a source code for the client which we don't have. That bug has been around for almost as long as the game runs and sadly we cannot do anything about it. There might be a possible fix in the very far future, but for now it is unavoidable.
  9. account bloked

    No such ban on banlist.
  10. I'm stuck online in the game!

    Forced a disconnect.
  11. crash after load

    Maybe this can help you.
  12. account blocked

    She received m4 souls worth of around 50k gold within 2weeks...
  13. account blocked

    There is no such ban on banlist.
  14. Blocked account

    Pretty bad. 50k in 2weeks.