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  1. Ralph vs Chaos Lunia

    Ralph vs Chaos Lunia DDM Solo Without 5th Skill by AlexandrexCix If you liked, leave your like to help promote the game.
  2. Title of Legendary Hero Quest!

    Characters Name: AlexandrexCix and Warlock Day Started: 11/21/2019 Day Completed: 11/22/2019 Screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/2YPEYHl
  3. Ralph Solo DDM - Special Edit Boku No Hero!

    Hey guys, bringing here a new video for you edited in a way never seen before in "Lunia" I hope you take time to see and enjoy it because it took a lot of work to make the part of the boss edited this way for you. Don't forget to like and share the video to promote the game guys! Small GIF Previwer: Video FULL:
  4. Lunia Spirit Lime 3-10L Solo by AlexandrexCix

    If you like, leave your like so the video will be more popular and new players know the game
  5. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Geez dude, before you go back to play the two guilds get along really well and play together without any problem, if you look like a very nonconformist guy, all we do is outraged by some kind of envy, stop it, we're All players, let's play together and bring more player and friendship to the game, enough of these children, you seem to hate us. All this why only post a video of our party ddm seriously?
  6. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

  7. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Challenge what hahaha? It was just a normal PT video in our guild to invite more people to play the game.
  8. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    New video of our ElmaChips Guild Guys in a pt drop Leave your like to encourage more videos and attract more people to the game
  9. RB Book Quest in ToES?

    Hi guys, i have a idea for ToEs thats i was thinking. Well, why dont put in RB Book Quest in ToES? U can use once a month, but dont reset your level. U can get RB Book in normal Toes, but i was thinking to put in 70’s Floor, the quest. As time passes, its obvilious to increase HP of Monsters when the new sets coming. Is it interesting to note that DEX class, about their Ultimate, because they can spam your Ult and this make easier for them. One idea is to create a buffs for their Ultimate time, to make them like VIT and INT classes. With this RB, make a possible to get level 95, therefore we can leave our 75 full points, in wich the is so rarely. This application will let chars with level 99, remain in level 99 and bring back to the game the compete for ranks and rb. @Crash @Element @Wendy @Selene the Queen
  10. Quest rolled back to 13 defeats

    Look at the boy who likes attention there.
  11. Character Name(s) : xXAlexandrexCix and Warlock Date : 09/16/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 11:30 pm Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Quest rolled back to 13 defeats Additional Comments : We completed "Cobolt's Secret Base" raid thirty times to finish the "Title of Vanquiser of Adamant Golem" title. However, after killing the very last Golem, we both got disconnected from the game and, for our unhappy surprise, the mission went back to thirteen Adamants defeated. Luckily, was recording as usual. Link for the video:
  12. RollBack Item Lenda

    I suffered rollback in my experience and lvl of experience. I was trying to call a friend to my stage, but said "loading stage failed" so I logged out and realized that I had been stuck, soon after logging in I realized that my lvl that was 91 was back to 90, and some items from my legend disappeared , i had 22 insignias, 23 soul bind 15 or 17 curious snow, i don't remember for sure, the rest i don't remember, my lvl was at 91 and i went back to 90, realmetne is frustrating because legend has its items that are hard to Drop and lose after spending hours behind them is pretty discouraging, can you be recovered? Here are my current items after the rollback: https://prnt.sc/p5gts4 Time that happened: Around 04:00 AM according to the server time on the site. Note: I usually always have a video or photo to prove it, but this time my hard drive was full and I couldn't save the video. My character's nickname: OkinaSekkai @Wendy @Crash @Element @Selene the Queen