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  1. Some sets missing

    Ok thanks Crash.
  2. Some sets missing

    Sorry the translator doesn't help me much, but I say so, this aquarium set has in gaon which is a "new" character but not in ralph which is an "older" character but in globla there was the aquarium for ralph a long time ago time. He was part of 3.1 and didn't have to be put here in spirit yet? Sorry for any misunderstood words. It's been a long time, I don't remember what version the aquarium set had on ralph, but he had that set for a long time, just don't remember if it was on 2.7 or others we don't have on our server yet.
  3. Some sets missing

    Hello, I would like to ask a question about some of the clothes I would like to see in my character, ralph is a little bit older than the goan in the lunia chronology, and I would like to know why he doesn't have the aquarios clothing here on the server. Just like other characters who are newer to the chronology of the old servants, they have this costume already in spirit. Here is a print showing gaon's random box which is a slightly newer character with the aquarium set, this set was ralph in the other lunia deis of ancient times, but I always waited for him to arrive here in spirit but never appeared: http://prntscr.com/oum51s Another set that always had for ralph and is lacking here in spirit, but already has for others is this: http://prntscr.com/oum7gv Any possibility of these clothes being implemented for my class in future updates?

    Why is this happening GM? Already happened but very rarely, after the last update is happening this straight, from 9 matches 6 no boss and only 3 comes lunia, we set up a party, the first we went already gave it again, general discouraged and left, just reporting again the bug through video for a better understanding of how it could happen ... We are cheering for you team that are trying to solve the case, thanks. Link to video:

    Olha o tiro ç.ç
  6. Hi GM's, now that we are in update 2.7 and more possibilities open up, why not change the 85 and 75 of DEX chares? I really think they are a lot of badass and bad for them at the same time. Ex: in the global lunia the 5th and 75th skill of the DEX characters were not 0 delay, so why not take the 0delay off the 5th and 75th and increase their damage to leave the same VIT / INT chars, so they would have a skill 85 that could kill one boss just like the others and that would end that problem of DEX chars that gather 63 5th skill and easily zero the ToES tower just because its 85 is 0 delay, so my idea would be to increase the damage to 85 and 75 their, but because the normal delay of the other characters, after all are skills ultimate, do not need to be 0 delay or have such low damage. This is a video I've posted here a long time ago about a boy with an asuka that is char DEX with minimal damage, with only 30kf zeroing out TOES, just because she is 0delay in his 85th and he has racked up several core. @Crash @Wendy @Element @Selene the Queen Remembering that this suggestion I'm giving here is nothing new, it's something that already happened in global lunia the delay of the ultimate.
  7. Hello, GMs Please

    I'd love to see this boss again too.

  9. Ralph solo DDM Without 5th! Guilda ElmaChips

    Ty Warlock, King of dainns, the best!!!
  10. Ralph solo DDM Without 5th! Guilda ElmaChips

  11. Ralph solo DDM Without 5th! Guilda ElmaChips

    I decided to record a video playing DDM ralph solo without 5th to have some content to post, and when I come across such a shit, at the end of the stage I caught a box DDM still kkkkkkk, lucky enough! Please guys, leave your like for more video and so we can spread our game more for other players to come play.
  12. Maintenance 02/09/19

    * - * Thank You for 75 Ralph <3
  13. Ralph incomplete / Wings

    Hi, I know you are already working on updating ralph and other characters as mentioned several times before, but I am only here for 2 remarks. In an old post of mine Crash said it already had some commands written in the files but that didn't work due to the patch, like the 3 missing hits from 75. So some questions came up for me on 2 more ralph things which is different and I would like to know if they are already written and don't work due to the patch. Ralph's skill 60 (Hurricane Massacre Kick) is in the old model she had in 2010 in the old lunia, after the update that ralph had at the time on the other lunia she stopped to give only 1 hit and give 3, this is something that already is written in the files but does not work? Or is it something that will be done? I looked at a video of one of the old GM Lilium, I know he is no longer on the team but he remade it in the lunia spirit but was still being tested by him at the time, but he created it as an RB skill, it would be possible to do this only in normal skill without adding a new RB? Lilium video for illustration: Skill 85 was the same case, just like ryan's skill 85, ralph's skill 85 always had 1 tornado in the end, while getting an update on the old lunia got two new tornadoes, this is something that is written in Spirit and not working due to the patch or is it something that will be put in the future update for you too? Video for illustration: Taking advantage of the post to not have to do another, I know again that it was the work of an old GM, but is it possible to insert this wing into the game in some future way? I thought she was very pretty compared to the ones we have today, especially Raid Chaos's, which has only color and no details in it. '-' Video for illustration: Note: these are just questions, I know they work hard to make the game better and better and I enjoy your work! @Crash @Wendy @Selene the Queen @Element
  14. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    One more bug, the rankings table is appearing day, week and month, the right was to be INT, VIT, DEX, you click what you have written day appears the int, you click what is written week and are the vit, last you click on month is the dex rank. It's not something that gets in the way of the game but it's something that's wrong, I'm reporting to help. @Wendy @Crash @Element @Selene the Queen
  15. Help people not to quit the game.

    Are you talking about being able to catch 99 in 1 day kkkkk? Whats not, but are you talking about my 2 day title with the 5th full guy and a lot of status not possible? kkkkkkkkkk, logic for that right. lol lol lol lol lol lol Call on envy kkkkkkkkkk