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  1. Account Access

    Hello GM. I lost access to my account. Could you help me find it? I don't remember email.
  2. Character Deleted

  3. Character Deleted

    Ah mano pode esquecer, tô com mesmo problema
  4. Problem

    hello!!!! I can not change my password on the yahoo platform. mail does not appear. please help me! Thanksss!!
  5. Account

    Crash please.
  6. Account

    Hello. my character was deleted, could you please put it back ? thankss!!!
  7. Account

    Can you help me recover the character? I already changed my password, but it happened again. Please help me.
  8. Account

    help me please.
  9. Account

    Character name: Margery
  10. Account

    Hello. My characters have disappeared from the account, please help me. email: daniel100sampaio@gmail.com thanks!!!
  11. Searwen, I need to talk to you in private, could you release it please?



  12. Hello GM!


    I came to report a person who bought an account!









    1. Searwen


      We'll look into it. Thankyou for your report.

    2. iSayaka


      I am just fulfilling my duty as a player;):)

  13. Account Blocked

    Hello! My account is locked, but I did nothing wrong! I would like you to see the case! Nick: iSayaka Date: 19/08/2017 Hours: 05:00 PM Thanks!!