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  1. Character Name(s) : xGozaDivina Date : Today Approximate Server Time**: 2:40am Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Blessed Rebirth Guideline for heroes of level 70 Additional Comments : I did Tower of Ordeal to get the RB Guideline, then when i tried do move to the square the rollback happened.
  2. Hello, @Crash, @Selene the Queen, @Wendy @Searwen and all Staff of this Fabulous game. I here to ask about the selling or trading accounts inside the game, for example: Case1: Suposing I have 40000 Lcoins and a friend wants to sell his account to me in trade of these lcoins, is it ok? Case2: Suposing i have 100.000 Gold coins and a friend wants to sell his account to me in trade of these golds, is it ok? Case3: • As all we know, the selling of accounts by real money $ its prohibited and passive of ban.• I already read something about the trade of accounts with supervision of GMs, but i was not clearly if this supervision is mandatory. Can u explain this topics please? Thank you in advance for the attention always borrowed. <3 xGozaDivina <3
  3. Account Blocked

    Account name: Gutovers9999 Character name: xGozaDivina Date and Time: Today (12/13/2018 1:43 AM) Additional information: I sent a Mail to iMAMA without any item and logged out, then my account was blocked. Thanks.
  4. Selenic Neck Disappeared (Solved)

    Solved =D thanks
  5. Character Name(s) : xGozaDivina Date : Today Approximate Server Time**: 10:55pm Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Selenic Necklace cs+15 - bind (3) Additional Comments : I was regrading my Selenic Necklace with the character xGozaDivina, then i would try with yCr4zY, so i sent a mail with the necklace to this character (yCr4zY) but it didn't received it. Can u help me? @Crash,@Wendy Please take care with the fortification status (Cold shining +15) when sending the item. Thanks in advance, Best Regards -----------------------Solved-------------------------------

    Mail or /w xGozaDivina I'm buying DDM VIT WEAPON
  7. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    • Lime is with a great damage but dont tanks anything more with this Bug of InstaDead when reches 0HP, i was trying to solo tower of ordeal and this stage that would be ridiculous to solo was annoying me cuz any hit of a high level monster i lose the stage. If its possible, check and correct it in the next patch. • Another thing its about the DDM Moon Blessing Buff. I think that every one knows that the Moon Blessing in the case of Lime its only a disturb cuz it cancel the important buffs of the character. I'm mono lime, so i can't say in details about the others chars. Thanks
  8. Lost DDM Int Set

    No problem Thanks for the fast reply!

    @Crash, @Wendy I search in the forum topics and i really didn't find any answer about this question and a lot of users asked the same thing. Problem: Not recieving confirmation to change e-mail when using an e-mail from yahoo. Hope it helps, @RlaS Best Regards.
  10. xGozaDivina Sales Sheet

    Hello World, i'm here to show the itens that i/m selling. Want to buy an item? Mail xGozaDivina or Reply this topic!
  11. B> DDM VIT set

    Hello guyz, I'm buying DDM VIT set please mail xGozaDivina if u have some part to sell! =D
  12. Lost DDM Int Set

    @Wendy, good evening! I recieved the items: DDM legs// DDM Sup//DDM hand Already need to recieve: Head DDM Can u check if this Head DDM was added to the refund list? Thank you =)
  13. Lost DDM Int Set

    Thanks for the fast reply.
  14. Lost DDM Int Set

    @Crash, @Wendy I Hope u can help me with this topic. Thanks,
  15. Lost DDM Int Set

    Character Name(s) : Tiaz Date : 11/16/2018 Approximate Server Time**: 10:10 pm Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): DDM head / DDM legs / DDM hand / DDM sup - (INT) bind (3) Additional Comments : I bought theese itens at market 1 and returned to the stage to farm, after complete the stage the equipaments disapeeared, could u help me?