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    So, server lagging only in the boss stage lately, my guess someone try fix phase rush and added boss away,only after maintence the boss starts to disappear.

    4 DDM tonigh no one I saw Lunia

    When you pass the portal you just enter in a empty room without boss or any boxes... Maybe someone try fix something and add a new bug Until now we played 7 times, 4 we didn't saw Lunia
  4. I was upgrading one foot DKD to sell, and I acidentally extract it after upgrade and light fortification, I just want to know if you guys can give it back to me? It was totally my mistake, but it isn't cheap I want to know if I can get it back. The foot was extract when I was putting the adds, then it turns to 250 fortification stones Character Name(s) : xGozaDivina Date : 11/08/2019 Approximate Server Time**: around 03:30 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Cold Shining Dark-Knight Devil III (Foot) (VIT) +15 Additional Comments : After I upgrade and light fortificate, I extract it acidentally @Wendy @Crash @Element
  5. Foot DKD VIT

    Wrong area
  6. My Account Don't Loggin

    Sorry m'am these days i'm busy, try again next week ( or not )
  7. Lime questions

    @Crash Can you help me pls? (look at this bug and answer) Or just close your eyes like @Selene the Queen does? -.-' I know everyone have your own life, but the game still alive(or no ) lately I think it is dying... Anyway, thanks I know you will read this And another question, ToES when it will be reset?
  8. Lime questions

    It is a new bug, As you can see, bug GM close they eyes for it... disappointing
  9. Lime's Death

    @Searwen @Selene the Queen @Element @Wendy @Crash Good night, Please guys take a little time for fix that bug, it look like a small thing but it is by far the worst bug in the lime, it is almost impossible to do any raid with this... Can't die because the boss will heal himself, and he kill you with one hit, can't heal save or use Endless potion(useless with this bug...), once again, please... See yaa
  10. Lime's Death

    You died at the same time when hp reaches 0 .-. why that? why now? Obviusly a bug...
  11. Conqueror District Title

    Go at easter square and talk with a fairy npc in the middle of the square, it is the first mission, but you need to do all of them to get the conqueror, using crystal fragments, bronze,silver,etc. You can drop them at DDX.
  12. Ranking

    A great idea!
  13. My apologies, and thank you!