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  1. Account Blocked

    My two accounts have been blocked. I did not enter stages with both at the same time, I just closed the game because the resolution was not being changed, when I went to reconnect the two accounts were blocked. Characters nick is ThePowerGuido87 and Najila.
  2. Item accidentally discarded

    I accidentally discarded the title basic boss slayer. Are there any ways to recover the item? My username is ThePowerGuido87.
  3. Account Blocked

    I sent a letter to GM_Market. After that, i was desconnected. Now when i try to connect to my account a message appears saying that my account has been blocked. My e-mail is felipepooterkrieger@gmail.com
  4. Account Blocked

    I was playing, so I sent a letter and changed the square. After that, I was disconnected and now when I try to log in it appears that my account has been blocked. My email is felipepooterkrieger@gmail.com