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  1. When we gonna have DDW????

    parece q nunca ^^
  2. legend epi 2

    https://imgur.com/w5VD3vH which map of legend can I drop this item most easily because 2-10 and 2-9 the drop is too low
  3. CoD

    just put the key to sell on f7 for a minimum of lcoin, then the play can use to open the event anytime you want
  4. About 0 delay Skill 85 and 75 character DEX

    tira 0 delay de tudo e coloca dano nos personagem
  5. Hello, GMs Please

  6. Hello, GMs Please

    Hello, GMs Please, is it possible to bring to the DDX the boss Molech as 9th boss? As a novelty and drop as for example: 2 bags Divine for better drope of box dkd, or I know something new to the map See a low video of Lunia Free 2019, edited with boss 9th Molech
  7. Inventory Auto-Sort Button

    can be released the part of the bank where we put titles to put other items, because no one will have all that title and we do not use that space
  8. lost CS items

    The boxes are forever, you can usalas every day
  9. GM please look at the map DDX

    Are you sure it's the player's fault? With the decrease of the glove drop of the DDM box is certain that the dorp of the weapon would increase, and with that various weapon would be in market, with price dropping
  10. GM please look at the map DDX

    If nothing can be done, beauty, let the map die then Since through the set DDM we can skip DKD halonic and selenic, let the map ddx harder more with a better drope, or put something useful to to drive on the map besides what already has
  11. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    Forgotten chords of the GM box Elf (M1C) are buggy in the NPC "Humil "
  12. GM please look at the map DDX

    GM please look at the map DDX, the drop of the DKD box is very hard, and when we get the DKD box, the sale price of the items are very low for the difficulty of the drop
  13. Overall Sugestions to make this game better for everyone :D

    I would love to link an item to Muder (0) to (1) or leave that item negotiable with (0)
  14. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    invisible boss inside the wall
  15. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    let me know if this is a BUG ... the lunia chaos weapon has no visual for the slime