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  1. account log on

    Hello, my account is being logged, and I can not give a struck through the site. account name - DanielRodrigues / Email - Cristiane.mfs@outlook.com / caracter name - Hellyng a ea DanielRodri
  2. Blocked account

    Por favor, remova a proibição do nosso amigo, o próprio irmão já se apresentou como culpado, você pode desbanir apenas o zodíaco, ele realmente está faltando em nossa guilda, porque nós somos como uma família, ele é muito ruim nisso, por favor ajude-nos please remove the ban from our friend, the brother himself has already presented himself as guild, you could unban only the lime zMizore, really he is missing in our guild, because we are like a family, he is really bad at this, for please help us
  3. Remove ban

    What you can do is remove the items, zMizore itself said, that you can do delete the aunt, as well as do this, being that @Batida himself said that being honest, that are inferior items, and being honest dkd items and ceremonial weapon are worth nothing today in the lunia. does not have to be done permanently, which is more or less so, it can not be something that concerns, given that it was he who used the macro. As you have done this by other players @Elemento in question items to withdraw punishment, and even more items more valuable than those quoted by @Batida zMizore deserves to have an account back.
  4. Remove ban

    They really are brothers, I've known them both for quite some time!
  5. Account blocked

    actually see an error there, but not zMizore. I've known him for more than 4 years or more and have been playing lunia spirit since the beginning, he has a brother who is this iBackStab and they really live together, we always talk in Discord Call, and if there was an error it was not from zMizore , he is one of the most honest people I know in the game, he always played in DDM vacations and etc, but he would never undergo going to use macro in M4, his brother might be yes, started playing has little time and may have learned this, and yet zMizore must have warned the consequences for it, so do not blame zMizore, he does not deserve this and you know it. go deep and you will see that his slime was not made of M4 gold. I hope they remove the punishment from his accounts. it is still worth remembering that he has brought many players to the lunia spirit, he is guild leader and is known in the game, everyone knows that he would not do these shit, rethink.
  6. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hello!I want to transfer 88 DGB from ThunderOfStorm --> to --> Canhoneira
  7. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, please transfer: 50 DGB Marchel ---> OkamaWay 1 DGB XxBarbaBrancaxX ---> xRachaCuca
  8. Buff dacy

    Hello, I would like to know what the possibility of a dacy take buff, since I just started playing with one, it is quite disproportional in phases like ddm, where there is no air and mobs do not raise, only source of damage would be wari, it is quite bad to depend on only 1 skill to deal damage, being very difficult to stage solar like some raids, besides the high cost that ends up being thundering to invoke the wari all the time
  9. Help me for build dacy

    Hello, could anyone pass me a dacy build? and teach me some tips?
  10. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    I think dacy needs a lot of rebalance, practically it only has damage in wari, but the cost ends up becoming very high, could buffar the other skills to be more balanced
  11. buffs lime

    hi good afternoon, I would like to know if this buff related to equip 5 parts chaos lunia will be anyway or will be corrected '' if it is a bug '' because when using lime + trans buffs this buff of the set ends up canceling one of the buffs of the lime!
  12. Lime Trans

    thanks for the information, lime is really very bad so, eagerly awaiting correction
  13. Lime Trans

    hello would you like to know if this lime bug died when zp hp is some kind of nerf or just a bug? I stopped playing for some time and when I come back I come across this, instead of transforming, I simply die by zeroing the HP