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  1. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, please transfer: 50 DGB Marchel ---> OkamaWay 1 DGB XxBarbaBrancaxX ---> xRachaCuca
  2. Buff dacy

    Hello, I would like to know what the possibility of a dacy take buff, since I just started playing with one, it is quite disproportional in phases like ddm, where there is no air and mobs do not raise, only source of damage would be wari, it is quite bad to depend on only 1 skill to deal damage, being very difficult to stage solar like some raids, besides the high cost that ends up being thundering to invoke the wari all the time
  3. Help me for build dacy

    Hello, could anyone pass me a dacy build? and teach me some tips?
  4. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    I think dacy needs a lot of rebalance, practically it only has damage in wari, but the cost ends up becoming very high, could buffar the other skills to be more balanced
  5. buffs lime

    hi good afternoon, I would like to know if this buff related to equip 5 parts chaos lunia will be anyway or will be corrected '' if it is a bug '' because when using lime + trans buffs this buff of the set ends up canceling one of the buffs of the lime!
  6. Lime Trans

    thanks for the information, lime is really very bad so, eagerly awaiting correction
  7. Lime Trans

    hello would you like to know if this lime bug died when zp hp is some kind of nerf or just a bug? I stopped playing for some time and when I come back I come across this, instead of transforming, I simply die by zeroing the HP
  8. Multi clients & staging

    I still have doubts, I'm going to play again, and does my brother play in the same house as me with the same internet breaking rules? because I will play on the pc and it will not do the book. Will I have to prove that I use 2 pcs?
  9. Halonic e Selenic

    I know some people who also have characters stopped because of this
  10. Halonic e Selenic

    Hi, would you like to know if it is not possible to put halonic and selenic sets negotiable? Why I did halonic in my lime but I do not want to play in it anymore, I get sick and I would like to build another character, but I do not want all my effort to be in vain. And since I can not change accounts with a character that I like, I would like to be able to pass the set of it to another character that I want to play
  11. Caracter Proibith

    resolved thanks
  12. Caracter Proibith

    Hello after the maintenance when I entered the square, I took dc and now I can not log in anymore, the message appears that my character is Prohibited nick is Thrilbi
  13. dacy is STR or VIT?

    Hello any dacy user can tell me if it is better to invest in STR or VIT? thank you
  14. Soul Fragments Passives

    specialist 1% dmg increase expert 1% crit damage strike 1% crit chance
  15. raid chaos

    I already reinstalled and continue with the same error, a friend of mine plays with English game and is with the same error