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  1. You are already connected to the lobby

    acc: michelarien sorry.
  2. Hi, Account name: michelarien Character name: ThunderOfStorm Date and Time: 2019/01/15, 5:25:00 PM Additional information: I was going to the market 1 when got stuck. The game shows this message: You are already connected to the lobby. I already tried to unstuck in the website but no success. Thanks!
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, please, transfer 1 DGB zGranTorino > Aorus Thanks.
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm selling the dye ' lime's health +2 ' for 70k gold. If u are interested send a mail to zGranTorino. https://imgur.com/a/7bbvUzv Thanks!
  5. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, please transfer 1 DGB from Mau5 ---> Erangel Thanks.
  6. Acc blocked

  7. Acc blocked

    Hi, sent a letter to Mau5 and changed square too fast. Account name: jeancf94@outlook.com Character name: DeadlyPhysical Date and Time: 2018. 09. 13. 4:09:23 AM
  8. Account blocked

    Account name: leonardomomm@hotmail.com• Character name: Margarett• Date and Time: 2017.10.11 5:50~ 6:00 AM• Additional information: send a mail and change square