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  1. Can't connect to market squares

    I'm still having this issue, but now I realized that I can't connect to US Squares too. I presume they have the same host? That's probably why I can't log in both of them.
  2. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    I don't know if I should post it again... However, better safe than sorry
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    5 DGBS from Warlock → Hitmonchan 1 DGB from Chimbinha → Hitmonchan https://prnt.sc/rxfrih
  4. I can't enter the Market Squares with my Dainn, Warlock (the other characters from both the same and different accounts are fine). When I try to log in those squares, the loading stops at its very beginning, followed by a black screen. As soon as I get back to the square selection screen the message "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." pops up. Character name: Warlock Account name: nelson97
  5. Reaching 4000INT at Myth 1

    I've been planning to create this video for a long time, but couldn't find the time to do so. Even if it happened a while ago, it's good to have this moment eternalized. Hope you like it
  6. Accumulated Level

    It's the amount of level you have gained since you created the character. For example, when you rebirth for the first time and level up again, you will have something around 140 cumulative level. Open character information (C) and put your mouse cursor on top of your level.
  7. Trading stuff

    BUY: NS9 Accessories Selenic Leg VIT Ancient Fire Dragon Leg VIT Shadow of Nightmare's Broken Toenails SELL: CS+15 Service
  8. Quest rolled back to 13 defeats

    I've seen months of farming records to justify banning macro users here. Can't you or other gm do the same this time? Check our logs, confirm that we have indeed completed all the 30 runs and refund us the title? We did all the stages consecutively and, in my case, it was the only stage I played yesterday. Therefore it shouldn't be hard to find the logs (if the video isn't enough proof already).
  9. Quest rolled back to 13 defeats

    Didn't know you were recording kkkkkk Quality content! Please, help us as soon as possible

    I'm having the same problem as @Moki.
  11. Rebirth Tracker

    I'm not sure wheter you don't know or I just didn't understand your post, but you can check the exact Rebirth date by putting the mouse cursor on top of your Character Information's Rebirth line. https://imgur.com/XkPPStw I do think that having this kind of information online would be very helpful though
  12. Dainn buff skills

    I don't think Dainn is weak, neither OP. He is the 2nd best INT character at the moment and maybe the 4th or 5th overall (talking about DPS alone, which is the only thing people seem to care about zZz). However, I do agree those Blessing Skills could receive some attention and your ideas seem pretty good to me. I'm sure the staff has way more important stuff to worry about now, but it'll be a good point to discuss in the future.
  13. Ralph solo DDM Without 5th! Guilda ElmaChips

    Well played bro
  14. Selenic Ring: max STR + max VIT (2) https://imgur.com/DqPNxKA Selenic Necklace: max INT + sub INT (2) https://imgur.com/vW9Ppub Ancient Fire Foot: max INT + sub INT (2) https://imgur.com/Q9v8Dyz
  15. Suggestion for future content

    I agree with almost everything Etherblood has said. "Chaos m1 already does a good job of making parties add healers without this mechanic. I think if you wanted to make heals more important it would be better to nerf lifesteal (and the devs are working on this already, compare lifesteal of chaos m1 gear with selenic)." In my opinion, Chaos M1 "Lifesteal" is very bad. It would be so much better if it was a nerfed Lifesteal instead of that Buff.