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  1. you cannot upgrading this item

    ohh i see ... well lighthing god+2 ... win just 10sec ...anyone thx
  2. hello i have one question .. finally i can take "SPEAR SPEC+2" but i cant used... can u help me with that? https://imgur.com/a/UkuAwEZ thx..
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi Prease Transfer 05 DGB from MusicStorm >>>>> to DannaSue THX
  4. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi. Please transfer 5 DGB from Diane07 >>>>> DannaSue
  5. you are already connected to the lobby all time

    if u changed email when char is logged ... get bug... and u need send msg to GM for unbuged that ..
  6. you are already connected to the lobby all time

    maybe u make mistake .,.. u change the email. when was logged?
  7. item myth

    2. Make m2 requirement sele+m1 gear and m3 requirement m2 gear using crafts/quests (awsoooooooooooon) thx for aswer and i know ... all GM`S work to much for make this game more funny ... personalilty i love LUNIA i cant find some better MMORPG i play this to long time ... real long time... and when you guys make new stage or set gear ... its a great joy to watch the game advance more and more ... thx for that ... GG
  8. item myth

    No intention of disrespecting the GM, but it seems that they are not aware of everything that happens in the game or maybe they stopped playing, so that they really see what is happening ... I feel that the people who worked so hard to get the selenic set (like me) and we know everything about the game is trampling on our effort. and like @Believe im aggred with that selenic will get a use either as part of crafting m2/ m2 for m3/ m3 for m4/ m4 for m5 /and m5 for m6.. bcs all set like DKD and halonic and selenic dont be reason to get ... then anyone playing just myth and dont care other stages ... that would make it clear that everything created before MYTH does not make any sense
  9. item myth

  10. yahoo

    Hello. I have never received my verificatino emai (yahoo)l. I even select the option for it to be sent again with no results. Please help. Thanks.
  11. Youtube Channel

  12. Youtube Channel

  13. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi Please transfer 10 DGB´s From xResilience >>> to >>> xImpulze 3 DGB´s From HarlockArta >>> to >>> xMikasa Thanks~
  14. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    hello please transfer: 46 DGB RalphSchannell >>> to >>> Diane7 thanks!