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  1. here we go again

    Account name: madama6 Character name: Snowglobe Date and Time: 17/05 17:50 Additional information: apples + mail = fun times
  2. Cleaning up web bank skill + 2 dyes: 700G rb skill + 2 dyes: 1100G ult + 2 / 60 + 2 / non cash shop dyes: ask me Also selling CS+15 mail me ingame IGN: snowglobe dyes that are gone: - 2 lime joy - 1 lime health - 1 moon barrier +2 - 1 moon chain +2 - 1 m fort +1
  3. Selling dyes / CS+15

    nope on all 3
  4. Selling dyes / CS+15

    Biki: 700 health: 5000 regen: 700
  5. Account name: madama6 Character name: snowglobe Date and Time: 02/05/2018 - 19:05 Additional information: mailed and switched too fast.
  6. Couldn't find stage

    Eu stage is down atm thats why. You can connect to stage from another region square like US Square 1
  7. Account blocked

    Account name: madama6 Character name: snowglobe Date and Time: 02/05/2018 - 19:05 Additional information: mailed and switched too fast.
  8. Account Blocked

    Looks like its already solved, you or your brother macro'd and you got banned.
  9. my lunia pacth

    Make a .bat in the lunia directory with the following: start LuniaClient.exe S3l3ne!
  10. blocked

    Account name: madama6 Character name: snowglobe Date and Time: 12/18/2017 - 12:50 Additional information: mailed and switched too fast.
  11. Heartgear Difficulty

    At 3 man her hp goes to infinite at that stage. idk about 2 man but try to solo or duo so her hp is lower.
  12. Chaos raid difficulty

    it is actually easier on VIT/INT than on DEX imo. Im only worried about charlotte raid atm, its the only boss thats impossible to kill without ulting (cant kill all levers as INT)
  13. rates on cod drops?

    Drop rate is the same as any other non halonic item. it rolls either on the halonic table or the 'garbage' table, the chance to roll on the halonic table increasing with the number of players in your party (1,3,6,8,10 I think dont know the numbers anymore). on this table all the halonic pieces have the same % chance to be dropped (except for the support).same goes for the 'garbage' table: string[] rewardsNames = {"Spider Egg (Untradable)", "Ancestral Scroll of Devildoom III", "Ancestral Scroll of Devildoom IV", "Ancestral Scroll of Devildoom V", "Febreezes Title (Untradable)", "Easter Bunnys Blessing (Blue) (Untradable)","Easter Bunnys Blessing (Red) (Untradable)", "Guardian of the Tundra Title (Untradable)", "Special Merchant's Shop (Untradable)", "Seahorse Morph (Untradable)", "Small Golem Transformation Juice", "Golem Transformation Juice","Small Drake Transformation Juice", "Drake Transformation Juice", "Ghost Transformation Juice", "Huge Ghost Transformation Juice", "Antoinette's Item Box", "Item Box of Mandragora", "Item Box of Jakata", "Whirlwind Spirit Item Box", "Snow Bundle Fairy Item Box", "Ultimate Core", "Guideline for Fast Growth Box (3 Hours)", "Shadow of Nightmare's Broken Toenails", "Soft Teddy Bear Weapon (Lime)","Super Soft Teddy Bear Lute (Kali)", "Soft Teddy Bear Staff (Eir)", "Soft Teddy Bear Staff (Sieg)", "Soft Teddy Bear Bat (Asuka)", "Soft Teddy Bear Bow (Arien)", "Soft Teddy Bear Long Staff (Krieg)", "Soft Teddy Bear Rifle (Ryan)", "Soft Teddy Bear Cane (Dainn)", "Soft TeddyBear Doll (Dacy)", "Soft Teddy Bear Club (Tia)", "Soft Teddy Bear Spirit (Yuki)", "Kingdom Guardian Support","Kingdom Guardian Gloves", "Kingdom Guardian Chest", "Kingdom Guardian Shoes", "Kingdom Guardian Head", "Kingdom Guardian Pants", "Kingdom Guardian Weapon", "Random Box of Hope (1)","Random Box of Hope (2)", "Naked Title (Untradable)", "Donkey Ear's Title (Untradable)", "Loud Voice Title (Untradable)", "Gold Box", "CoD Activation Item", "Easter Rebirth Wing License","Golden Rebirth Wing License", "Pink Rebirth Wing License", "Star's Korean Clothes Box", "Star Panda Box", "Star Swimsuit Box", "Star' Spring Clothes Box", "Star's School Uniform Set Box"}; ^I think that list has been updated tho
  14. Remove the Daily Gift Boxes

    Im quite supportive to this idea as it would solve issues that have been brought up before like inventory space problems and the amount of time it takes to collect and manually move items like apples. If this gets implented then one feature that I would like to see is an easy way to deliver these items to the character, this isnt that big of an issue for the DGB items that stack like catalyst, endless, regrades, ... but if moving your items from this DGB bank to your characters is going to behave the same like the current web bank then having to mail items like apples/exp books 1 by 1 will be a long and tedious process, and would make the current process of moving apples (collecting and mailing them in groups of 5 to the correct character) faster than the suggested web bank like system. Long story short: I like the idea just provide a way to quickly move big amounts of items to your characters.