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  1. Hi~about TW server TcT

    Happy New Year! I want to ask about the TW server that disappeared for many days. Thanks for the efforts of GM
  2. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi Please transfer 11DGB´s From CalvinDizzy>>>>>> faceme Thanks~
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 11DGB from baamo -----> Bcup Thanks!!
  4. Account Blocked

    Account name:mijh14965@gmail.com Character name:ilovecup Date and Time:2018/2/28 11:14 AM Additional information: change square got banned PS:sorry for wrong language
  5. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    你好 請轉移 11 DGB 從hpeir >> CalvinDizzy 謝謝。
  6. account blocked

    Account name: a6251453621@gmail.com Character name: TiaFlashPLAY Date and Time:2/15/2018 - 20:30 Additional information: mailed and switced too fast this is my firiend account blocked.. he can't register in forum.. thx admin.
  7. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 11 DGBs from hpEir-----> ilovecup Please transfer 1 DGB from MoneyTiaaa-----> ilovecup thanks~~
  8. Account blocked

    Account name:mijh14965@gmail.com ppookker23 Character name:MoneyTiaaa Date and Time: 2017/12/17 8:17:28 AM Additional information: move square and got ban
  9. transferencia dgb

    i want change dgb~ 1 dgb from MoneyTiaaa ->>> hpEir