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  1. Restart stage fast

    Hello! In the global server there was the option to restart the stage by ESC>F5. The ESC> F5 we have is practically unnecessary. In the x-district / m, it is necessary to go to the district-chaos tab to restart the phase, so ESC> F5 would be more useful not only at this stage, but as in Myth4 as well
  2. How much time to transfer DGB?

    The title already informs the reason of the post. I would like to know how long it takes. OBS: I only enter the account to get the daily gift

    Hello English: I suggest you get the crap out of the dkd and ddz boxes. Useless items that only hurt when we get a box dkd or ddz.
  4. Reset stage

    Hi On the global server, there was an option to restart the stage. It would be great to increment on this server. Simple suggestion
  5. What is this?

    Hi I would like to know what this item is for.