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Found 4 results

  1. Skill 85 and 75 doubt

    Hello guys and girls! My first post here ^^ I'm playing Spirit Lunia and I want to improve my main character (Dark Eir). On this way, I want to get the 5th (85) and 6th (75) skills, because I really like thats skills, besides they are very important in the gameplay and teamwork. Knowing that, I would like to know where and how i get the pages of each skill. Additionally, I also would like to know how much is worthly to pay on those pages. (Nowaday I farming at D4 with Asuka (11kf/5,3kb) (don't like to play with Tia X.x'') to conquer my gear cs +15 and others things). Thank you in advance
  2. Buy 3rd Page 75

    Buy 3rd Page of Magic Skill Book 75 PM me or Mail in game MrStacks
  3. whisper Gugoo or Gugo