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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. TW server is unstable

    When will the Taiwan server be completely repaired so that players can play the game smoothly? Messages such as connection failure or abnormal connection will pop up from time to time The signal is red or stuck when playing I don’t deny that Wendy is not managing or viewing messages But do you have the intention to deal with this problem? This is my most curious question As the manager of the Asian region, you have an obligation to maintain the responsibility of the Asian server Wendy
  2. Account blocked

    Account name::bblin610725 Character name::Foxwoman Date and Time::2020/4/19 AM TW 11:10 Additional information: I am here in Market Square 1 ready to switch blocks Then I cannot log in
  3. Account blocked

    帳號名稱:: bblin610725 角色名稱:: Foxwoman 日期和時間::2020/4/19 AM TW 11:10 ps:忘記了確切的時間,這僅是時間 附加信息: 我在市場廣場1的這裡準備換塊,然後我無法登錄
  4. Character Block

    Hello, I need help, because my Character is blocked again. Account Name: Gabrielgbs Character Nick: Sinistraa Additional Information: I was trying to make the tower, then I disconnected, and my Character was blocked Help me please
  5. Character Block

    Hi My Character is blocked, could you please help me? Account Name: Gabrielgbs Character Nick: Siniistraa
  6. Character Name(s) : Raufe Date : 07th April 2020 Approximate Server Time: 2:15 am Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 900 gold and gold carp x5 Additional Comments : I recevied a letter from the character Substance with 900 gold and gold carp x5. Soon after I opened it, I was disconnected from the square and when I was able to return, the golds and the carps were gone. Please help me!
  7. Account's Blocked

    Account name: dainnbolado@gmail.com Character name: Superiorer Account name: alicebetinas@gmail.com Character name: zWrath Date and Time: 10 min ago Additional information: I sent some items to my lime and my accounts have been blocked
  8. I cannot log into the game I had used the character stuck for many many times and it told me that It appears your account is still logged in. Please log off entirely ID:Kyomei email:rockwww01@gmail.com I need help plz thank you
  9. hello i have one question .. finally i can take "SPEAR SPEC+2" but i cant used... can u help me with that? https://imgur.com/a/UkuAwEZ thx..
  10. Defamation Again !

    Good Night, this shit is getting unbearable to play, with so many false accusations would it be for you to take any action? or is it better to make a certain amount of player stop playing? This is an image with the bulletin and without problem this in Portuguese, I send a brief translation if nothing is done, I'll come back here tomorrow, then and then and after, I have no problem with creating topics, sending messages and creating multiple accounts, until this problem is solved, it's not the first time I'm talking about it here my account is there the willingness to analyze all the logs, I just want them to solve this Sammael, Audaz, famous thief selling stolen dkd weapon This is already unbearable, and it's not the first time I've been talking about it here, and nothing happens if I need to, I leave my acc offline 7 days for you to analyze the logs, but I hope this situation is resolved. and it's not the first time I talk about it ... szKissme, iCrazzy, zGommy, FluBell, Vitanga, szKiwer157 . among oth