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Found 57 results

  1. Account blocked/stuck

    My account still stuck for more than 1 week, I already posted for help but nothing happening, so I'm post again before give up... I Cant log in... message: ``You already connected to the lobby`` Posted Saturday at 01:15 AM the message that I'm already logged in appears, but I can't log off entirely my account, not even in the ``character stuck?``option Account name: nise Mail: gapfc23@outlook.com Character name: Perrie Date and Time: 12/10/2019 Brazilian time
  2. Account blocked

    the message that I'm already logged in appears, but I cant log off entirely my account, not even in the ``character stuck?``option Account name: nise Character name: Perrie Date and Time: 12/10/2019 18:31 Brasilian time
  3. account blocked

    Account name: DougScarlett Character name: KaliScarlett Date and Time: 11/10/2019 13:31 Brasilian time Additional information: I was playing ddx the game ended up giving error and closing alone, when I went to log was saying that all my accounts had been blocked why?
  4. account stuck

    Character Name(s) : KaliScarlett ID: DougScarlettDate : 11/10/2019Approximate Time[?] : 21:50 Brasilian time utc-3Additional Comments : I was in Br 1 square talking to some friends, but I had to log in to my other account to sell an item. when I left, I couldn't get back in, I said she was in the lobby and on the website, I couldn't get her out
  5. Character Name(s) : xXAlexandrexCix and Warlock Date : 09/16/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 11:30 pm Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Quest rolled back to 13 defeats Additional Comments : We completed "Cobolt's Secret Base" raid thirty times to finish the "Title of Vanquiser of Adamant Golem" title. However, after killing the very last Golem, we both got disconnected from the game and, for our unhappy surprise, the mission went back to thirteen Adamants defeated. Luckily, was recording as usual. Link for the video:
  6. An Unknown error occurred Reconnencting because you have filed to connect to the find party server. please try again later Plsss help-meee i have PRINTS
  7. Tower Eternal Sufferin

    He takes me out of the game when he reached the 16th floor.
  8. Ign: Narcissistix Date and Time: 10:53 AM server time on May 12th, 2019 Cause: Crafted Ancient Fire Dragon Head without being aware that there wasn't enough space in my inventory. I received the message of "insufficient inventory space, please free up inventory". The newly crafted AFD head ended up stacked into an existing AFD head making the AFD head icon showing x2 (see image https://imgur.com/2ZqylAp). I knew sh*t was gonna happen so I screenshot it just in case... wala i was right... I got DC'd and the character Narcissistix is now prohibited. Please help me out... Thanks!
  9. Moved thread to Rollback/Lost Items section as appropriate.
  10. I tried to log in today, but when I click my char, it shows "Use of this character prohibited". Can you unstuck for me please? Character name: xHellDarkness Additional information: Got randomly dc'ed when I got online at square. After trying to log in back, it turned out to character prohibited, can you unblock please? Thank you so much!
  11. Character Name(s) : lJunketsu Date : 08th February, 2019 Approximate Server Time***: 03:46 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 40 Box Of Zugren Spirit and 40 Box Of MontinusAdditional Comments : I was farming D4 with my Tia, and when I filled 4 bags of boxes Spirit of Zeugren and Box of Montinus,after i ended my farm I went to Market Square 1 and I took DC when I returned my character was stuck and went on the site Debug my character and when I logged on the square i see my farm had disappeared from my bags.... this without tallking in the souls and the cold shining stones that do not remember how many had disappeared:/ Please give me my farm back, it was 2 hours of sweaty effort.
  12. Can't enter BR stages

    Can't enter the stages through BR squares (altough we can enter the squares)
  13. Hi, If you join any BR square and try to join any stage, you'll get the message "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." This error started by tomorrow morning. For the other squares we can join the stages just fine, could the support staff please take a look into this? Thank you
  14. Hello, Well, tomorrow we had another problem on the Brazilian server, we now can connect just fine to BR squares but for some reason we are having trouble connecting to BR stages, any stage. We try to connect and it sends us back to character selection screen. I can post a screenshot or video if needed. Thanks!
  15. Character stuck while changing mail

  16. Hello, Since yesterday the Brazilian servers ( squares ) are bugged, they wont load and after a minute they show this message: "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." https://imgur.com/Y78du9Z -> Link for the full image.
  17. Bug with the CHAOS RAID WING

    Hello there, a lot of my friends built one big giant party to finish our chaos raid title, but after finishing everything (title+wings) we got really dissapointed, because the wing is not showing, even after you unlock it, I don't know if it is a server side bug, or just a client one. As far as I know, people said that you'll fix this bug just in the next patch, and this get us really sad, because we would like to use the wing as soon as possible. Can you give some special attention to this case ? @Crash @Wendy @Searwen @Element You'll make a lot of players happy by fixing this bug <3. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the beautiful game <3
  18. ToES bug

    Character Name(s) : TooieDate : 01/01/2019Approximate Time[?] : 10:35 PMAdditional Comments : I was doing toes and when I killed some mobs on 16th floor my game closed
  19. My patch opens but does not finish updating and does not open either, I put the other patch "LuniaClient" but did not change anything

    it is not equipped in glove
  21. Quest not complete after killing the boss Mandronos!!!!!!
  22. Hi, one ADM / GM help me !? I sent 9KG to the web market after confirming sending the * GOLD * to the web market I was disconnected from the game ... I checked that the gold was no longer in my inventory after I went to the web market and also did not find it over there . Name (s) of the Character: Solinho Date: 11/13/2018 Approximate Server Time **: 1:40 Item Name (s) * & (Quantity): GOLD / 9000g * (9KG) * PLEASE HELP ME
  23. Bug change email

    I wanted to change my email, but n arrives email exchange, provider BOL
  24. Guild Rank

    Hi, I came to inform that the ranking of the guild, at the moment, is nonexistent ... making impossible to enter in the Citadel Of Darkness. could you analyze this? Thanx
  25. bug ddm _ boss

    hi 1. The chaos moon boss Lunia doesn't show up . And i can't step on my foothold. https://imgur.com/a/KIaBstN 2. Chaos Ancient Light's Master is hiding.