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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. The future of the game

    The game is abandoned, a HUGE difference in the balance of chars, box ddx with items that are literally unfeeling, 5 minutes each run to drop an item that is not for sale or to use as scrolls 1, or devildom scrolls, 75 skills without damage, krieg and kali without transoformations (60 kali is useless), skills that are canceled before they are completely casted, I do not say that managing a server is easy, but we are putting our money in it, and would like to play in a good server, and receive feedback from future updates, what administrators think of changing, and perhaps updates that do not take 5 months to arrive. @Wendy
  2. DD dungeons

    Hi guys and girls, It's me again. Recently I returned to Spirit Lunia (I began to play in the past, but didn't make so far) and I'm aiming to get high status (I have already read the post "Tips and Guides" in this forum). By trying that, I noticed that are dungeons (beyond d6) differents from devildoom (comparing with the global server and BR server) and those dgs are the key to get new gear (selenic, exorcist etc, right?) and important itens like page of 75 skill (6th), status scroll, titles etc etc. I'm low status yet, but I'm working on and farming a lot to buy decent gears and go to those dungeons. If not ask too much, could you please explain to me how these dungeons (ddx, ddz, ddy, spider and others dgs that the staff created) work? Thank you in advance (By the way, my main character is a D.E named "Venesse". If you see me in dgs ou square, feel free to say "hi/oi" ^^)
  3. How to do DZ slaves part.

    There here is all combinations to do DZ slaves part. Todos os codigo para passar a parte dos esclavos no DDZ.
  4. ddz , green apple cats

    1 ddz’s second stage is very boring. I wish that could reduce numbers or disappear. 2 yuki have not cats item in green apple. Please make it.
  5. About DDZ

    I'll talk about DDZ i hope that some monster will not have any invincible time also hope that ddz can be more interesting no more number anymore. that is so borrrring!!!!! maybe those monster can be air combo or don't let them use them 75skill once and once
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first time using the Forums when everyone talk about it. I love playing DDX with my friends and I just rebirthed and now I only need to finish the DDZ to open DDX. However, I have a problem and I would like to ask for a help to fix my DDZ crash when I enter into the gate. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!
  7. Report bug exploiting

    Hello! I would like to report a player who I think that is exploiting a District of Intelligence bug (DDz) to obtain more boxes than normal. I have few prints and I wish members sfaffs can investigate about it. Nick name: xGin [BR player] Server time: 9:13-9:20 P.M Character invited in boss to bug: Blindada [BR player] Evidences: When he is doing and the other waiting: After about 5-7 minutes: Please, investigate him! Thank u! ~Tsubasa