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Found 6 results

  1. My donate didn't get L coin

    accound:644820731@qq.com Donation Details Confirmation Number:2CG45880PV9314231 Donation Amount:$10.00 USD Total:$10.00 USD Use:Spirit Lunia
  2. L coins not Received

    Hello, GM. I donated via Paypal to Spirit Lunia, but I did not receive any corresponding L coins even the transaction finished (I have received the email of confirmation from Paypal). Account Name: iiik2615 I will pm transaction id if required. Thanks
  3. Can't donate

    i'm from Brazil and everytime i try to donate after clicking to pay with paypal, it asks to log in with my paypal account... so far so good, but after that, it loads a side screen and appears an "error" message saying: "It wasn't possible to finish your payment at the moment. Try again later" "If the problem continue, contact the cliente attendant service" (in portuguese) without even asking for credit card info. OBS: i tryied with other lunia account and other paypal account How do i fix this??
  4. Another way to Donate

    Hi, i am new here, I would like to suggest that you create an account at Western Union, it is a very practical and easy way to receive payments, it is in several countries including mine. I was unable to donate via PayPal, because here in Brazil, they remove the conversion of the exchange in local currency to Dollar. (Sorry for my poor english.)
  5. Hi guys and girls, here I go again! I having a problem with my PayPal account so I can't donate from it. Searching in the forum, i saw "Selene the Queen" mentioning that are differents ways to donate to Spirit Lunia (in the case: bank transfer, boleto and Pagseguro) instead PayPal, but I didn't found those options in website. So I would like to know if those options still exist and if they do, how do I donate. Thank you in advance (By the way, my main character is a D.E named "Venesse". If you see me in dgs ou square, feel free to say "hi/oi" ^^)
  6. Donate

    I have Paypal credit but I do not have an international credit card. I'm Brazilian, my paypal credits are already in dollars, there's another way I can send the gift to you.