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Found 17 results

  1. Account blocked/stuck

    My account still stuck for more than 1 week, I already posted for help but nothing happening, so I'm post again before give up... I Cant log in... message: ``You already connected to the lobby`` Posted Saturday at 01:15 AM the message that I'm already logged in appears, but I can't log off entirely my account, not even in the ``character stuck?``option Account name: nise Mail: gapfc23@outlook.com Character name: Perrie Date and Time: 12/10/2019 Brazilian time
  2. account blocked

    Account name: ThCain Character name: Hanikans XHanikansX Date and Time:11/10/2019 10:40 Brasilian time Additional information: I was in Br myth 1 square passing items from one character to another, when I went to log off to change characters I could no longer log into the account says it is locked
  3. account stuck

    Character Name(s) : KaliScarlett ID: DougScarlettDate : 11/10/2019Approximate Time[?] : 21:50 Brasilian time utc-3Additional Comments : I was in Br 1 square talking to some friends, but I had to log in to my other account to sell an item. when I left, I couldn't get back in, I said she was in the lobby and on the website, I couldn't get her out
  4. Reversão

    olá, eu extrai uma arma ddm1 int, hoje, na impolgação, gostaria de como faço apra ter esse item denovo. Estava a tanto tmepo tentando dropa, e hoje consegui e cometi esse erro. Nick: GruundIsBack
  5. Novidades

    Good night, Is it possible to put Molech, caves of modified chaos, arrest of the demon lord and spider goddess? Can achievements still be entered into the game? To get the new items will it take set selenic + set ddm + chaos lunia eye? Many players like me are waiting for news, since it is about 01 year that we are without any new phase. Do you have any information to give us regarding the new phases that can come to the game? Is there a date? Can you tell us? Need some help from the players? Let's unite if that's the case. Thank you for your attention! Good job!
  6. Bug with the CHAOS RAID WING

    Hello there, a lot of my friends built one big giant party to finish our chaos raid title, but after finishing everything (title+wings) we got really dissapointed, because the wing is not showing, even after you unlock it, I don't know if it is a server side bug, or just a client one. As far as I know, people said that you'll fix this bug just in the next patch, and this get us really sad, because we would like to use the wing as soon as possible. Can you give some special attention to this case ? @Crash @Wendy @Searwen @Element You'll make a lot of players happy by fixing this bug <3. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the beautiful game <3
  7. Brazilian GM

    I would like to suggest that I have a Brazilian GM to support the community that I see growing in the server. I do not know if this has ever been suggested in the past.
  8. When I tried to log in, the "You are already connected to the lobby" show up E-mail: ddmrverza@hotmail.com ID: gloomx
  9. Please i need help, I can not log in to lunia because of a bug,I try to login, and says that I'm already logged in on the server. I already closed the game, I rebooted my pc and still says that my account is logged and I can not log in. ID: gloomx E-mail: ddmrverza@hotmail.com
  10. Updates

    Hello. The server is better now, without lag in br server, but I saw some things on forum and I want to know when those will come to server like skill 75, att 3.1, new Legend ep, if you will add some drops for legend 3 or change something. The last significant update has 6 months!!!! I guess and nothing new and I really like this server.
  11. About server

    Hi, I wanna know if the server will be closed soon because in Br server (square and stages) is insane the lag everyday no more reboots, no more updates, GMs are not doing dgb transfer anymore (I know, this an extra service and you not have to do it), just one GM is active on server and he does what he can
  12. Transfer DGB

  13. ACC Blocked

    Nobody can give me the solution for three days making the claim that my account was stuck in the server and to this day no GM can help me my acc say "you are already connected to the lobby" but i dont have character stuck old email: spiritlime@gmail.com new email : elduende_m@hotmail.com

    my acc say "you are already connected to the lobby" but i dont have character stuck email : elduende_m@hotmail.com
  15. DGB

    Someone knows if in an account with two different characters they can join the DGB
  16. My Account Don't Loggin

    When trying to Log in the game appears the message that user does not exist and the site says that email or password are incorrect and recovering password does not help. It was on the e-mail leandro.regly@hotmail.com Caracter ArchQueen Please help me
  17. i need transfer daily boxes

    Gm, im have 2 chars in same account, and i have four daily boxes IV in my asuka her name is Azukitaaa, and i need you transfer for LeooGaon its my Gaon in same account thank you :).