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Found 6 results

  1. What to do next to myth

    hi!!! After the devildom, Different from the stage I know. What can I do to become stronger after clearing the Forest of Light? str = 13k
  2. I need some advices

    Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone! I just return to play Lunia after several months, and I just faced those changes in DEX players. As a main Ryan - noob - player, farming M4 was the only way to make a little amount of gold (I never passed the mark of 2000G btw) and make some money to buy item after item, for me and my characters. Now, I have no guild and can't make money as fast as before. Could you guys help me with this? I continue to farm M4 even though it is much slower (because I can not kill the mobs with 1 hit - 12k str) or do you guys have some other tip that I can go through to get more money. I'm current at lv 80, 12k str and set sdd2. And sorry if I am in the wrong section. I just sign up in the forum. And my english is rusty, so please forgive me.
  3. No up-to-date Krieg Guides?

    Greetings fellow forum traveller I've been looking for a guide for Krieg, since i recently picked him up. I'm not sure which skills are the best for stages and pvp. Latest guide I've found was from 2011. Can anyone give me some pointers on what to do to maximize dmg through dyes, skills and combos. ps. this is the only guide i have to work with ( http://guidescroll.com/2011/07/lunia-krieg-skill-analysis-and-build-guide/ ) any notes, or is it still good after 7 years? Thanks, ~Daffy
  4. Just started an Iris

    Someone here that had the time to tell me what skills are needed on Iris to play her to her full potential. Thx so much -WeebRyan
  5. Tia Myth and Stage build/guide

    Update skill build for Tia with 5~ RBIf you are not using Entwining Roots and Flying Fang, feel free to use those SP into whatever you want http://puu.sh/ltSJu/6397eb0f02.jpg ← click for buildreason why you want to MAX Thorny Fairy Sword instead of Dexterity Reinforcement is because you can't use Hide and Dexterity Reinforcement together. Also, you get BackStab effect on Thorny Fairy Sword_________________________________________________________________________________________________________A guide for Tia build for myth and stage. Level 80 1 Rebirth Build and pretty much the best and most efficient + safe build. It is also a build that you can easily Solo Myth Stages 1. reasons for specific level for skills 2. tips 3. picture of skill build ____________________ 1ForestCyclone Blow: 1/11Very useful skill as it can be used for HKD [Hard Knock Down] and in combo. MUST HAVE.Willow Leaf Kick: 0/10Not needed unless it's for PVPFlying Fang: 1/10Used to combo mobs to kill it faster, if you can't combo.. don't put any SP on it. Use the SP on Thunder Shock.Entwining Roots 1/10Used to combo mobs with Flying Fang and to start air combo mobs that are knocked down. If you cant combo, use SP on Thunder ShockMidair Prison 10/10The skill that does the highest DPS to mobs that can be air combo'dFairy Flame 0/10Not needed unless it's for PVPBlind 0/9Not needed unless it's for PVPWindSurprise Attack 11/11Not much to say about this.. Does OK damage to bosses and can also be cancelled with dash. (you can choose to max RB surprise attack or this one)Forest Wind Wedge 0/10Not needed.Shadow Counter Attack 1/10Best skill in the game. MUST have. cant stress enough. The forward slash animation gives invincible frame and if you can time it right, you can dodge pretty much every skill.Thorny Fairy Sword 1/11Used as an HKD [Hard Knock Down] skill and escape tool. (you want to max this later when you have more RB and skill points)Silp's Wing 1/9Third best skill in the game. used for air combo and invincible frame when you are in air. If you can control it right, can have invincible frame up to 3-4 seconds.Whisper of Wind 0/9Not neededThousand Leaf Split 6/6Highest DPS output to a boss from behind. Used well with Hide and AEH [Ancient Elf Hero] 2 piece set effect.True Whisper of Wind 1/5Used to push mobs. MUST have.True Surprise Attack 0/11I have sacrificed this skill to max the Spanning Throwing Knife + the RB equivalent of this skill and Midair Prison..... for greater good. (you can choose to max normal surprise attack or this one)DarknessThorny Throwing Knife 1/10Second best skill in the game. Used to cancel skill animation and movements. Can also be used in combo. MUST have.Flying Throwing Knife 0/10Not needed unless it's for PVPSpanning Throwing Knife10/10Used with True Spanning Throwing Knife and/or Midair Prison for high DPS to mobs that can be combo'd. Does high damage to big mobs as it penetrates.Thunder Shock 6/10max this skill last and only put ONE SP on it early. It is only because you want to use this skill to get the mobs in air and use Thousand Leaf Split for high DPS. (at level 4, you can dash cancel which is quite good)Thunder Trick 0/10Not needed.Shock Trap 0/10Not neededDark Fog 7/7Used to escape and deal extra damage to already air combo'd mobs.True Spanning Knife 11/11Does high damage with Midair Prison + Spanning Throwing Knife. Penetrates so it is very useful.True Dark Fog 11/11Used to escape AND deal damage. Can be combined with other combo able skills such as Spanning Throwing Knife.BlessApplying Poison 0/4No.Turn Back Time 0/4Not neededPoison of Rescue 0/4Not needed unless it's for PVPHide 4/4Obvious reasons. while hide is active you get 50% more damage but decreased movement speed. MUST have.String of Rescue 0/9Kind of useful but Thunder Shock gives up all the reason to have this skill.Dexterity Reinforce 0/10Not needed.. just a waste of SP in the early rebirths (you can't use it at the same time as hide anyways)AbilityMana Recovery 0/8Use the SP on dmg, buy potions or use guild mana potion.Mana Increase 0/8NoHealth Increase 0/8NoDeadly Blow 4/430% more critical chance. MUST have.Poison Effect 0/6NoPhysical Specialization 9/935% more physical damage. MUST have.Deadly Poison Specialization 9/935% damage increase to poison related skills. Must have because almost all your skills are poison element. 2Tips• When facing small mobs, push first > Spanning Knife into Midair Prison for high DPS. Alternatively Spanning Knife> True Spanning knife> Midair Prison. Can use Dark fog at the end for extra DPS• Use Hide + AEH [Ancient Elf Hero] 2 piece set effect with Thousand Leaf split for big mobs so you don't have to deal with it together with the small ones. (note: ALWAYS TLS from BEHIND)• When together with others always TBT [Turn Back Time] them as it will kill mobs in the next room faster. (note: use it wisely)• When small mobs are pushed into a wall. Use Thunder shock + TLS for high air combo DPS (note: use wisely. Don't use when you know there will be a big mob in the next room• Learn to roll. it saves you and increases your movement accuracy. [ DASH A S] [DASH A SPACE] ---- practice in practice field.• Learn to do simple combo with Entwining Roots + Flying fang as it helps you kill mobs faster than usual. [ AA SS DASH Flying fang WALK AA SS] [Roots (second hit) Flying Fang WALK AA SS]• No need to always push mobs to the end of the road, can also push them to the side as long as they are all together.• Keep your AEH [Ancient Elf Hero] pieces in skill bar with TLS to use them faster.• Learn to use Silp's Wing• The reason why you should max Thunder Shock instead of True Surprise Attack is because it can be used in a combo, you use 90% of the time you myth with small mobs ( better to use Thunder shock on small mobs than using more time trying to hit a Back Stab then again you can use it casually... but just NOT WORTH IT.• Learn to time Shadow Counter Attack, be patient with monster attacks.• Use Silp's Wing if you have 0 HP in MYTH 3 as there is the fire of rage.• Objects that can be attacked but aren't mobs can be BACK STABBED from above • A video that showcases such tips and more: 3
  6. Sieg Skill Guide by (Garetboy)

    So you want to learn how to play Sieg? Well today is your lucky day bud, im bored and have all the time in the world to spare soooo... Lets do this. This is a simple and "short" guide on what skills you want to level up depending on what you want to focus on. (Note: This is a project that i might expand on as time passes by incase there are updates/changes.) Any input is helpful aswell. Explaining what all the skills do. What options you have in regards to leveling them up. Video demonstration on Abilities. Flexible build path, Pvp or Staging aswell as Hybrid. (Still being updated.) Skill sets (Strike page) Cross Cut Lv1 (Physical): "Rapidly Wields your sword and delivers two blows to the enemy" (MaxOut always) A good skill to level up due to the low cooldown and high damage increase per point, maxing the ability will give you overall higher DPS (Damage per second), It's also an essential skill for Pvp since you need the ability for your combos. The ability does two hits and can be canceled earlier during the animation if you dash any direction. (Quick two hits.) Info provided by vArcee and Scope168. Blow Lv1 (Physical): "Strikes the enemy with your sword. Enemy will be stunned for a moment." (MaxOut Pvp only, 1 Point Stage optional) A straight forward skill you use to stun a target, it can stun multiple foes if aimed properly but it's very linear with a very small and precise hitbox. If you're intrested in Pvp then this skill is really good but if your intrest is on Staging, then this skill is pretty bad. It charges you in btw so it's not a safe ranged ability either, something to put in mind... the damage is decent when maxed out tough, but not recommended. Only reason to MaxOut is for stun duration on Pvp. (This ability can be useful agianst certain bosses and abilities on stage, need experimenting with tough.) Info provided by Scarlet. Counterattack Lv1 (Physical): "Delivers a counter attack after you opponent attacks. The opponent will be knocked to the ground by your counterattack." (MaxOut Pvp only) The discription of this skill is slightly deceptive, the ability does not knockdown but what it does is it pushes whoever is attacking you back, negates some damage and does some slight damage in return (lots of damage if maxed). This ability requires precise timing and is only really good for Pvp, you can use it to bait your Pvp opponent and then follow up with an attack yourself as the ability itself leaves them briefly stunned during the knockback animation, (Hard to execute tough). I do not recommend this ability for Stages at all, only if your going Pvping. Prevents you from getting juggled. (Can be used for certain abilities on stages aswell but further experimintation is needed.) Info provided by Scarlet and vArcee. IronHammer Lv1 (Physical): "Throws a lightning bolt at the enemy after delivering a powerful blow" (MaxOut, Always) Siegs ultimate skill, it's his strongest skill which is why you should max it out first. The ability has short range and it's damage is multiplicative (hits multiple times),meaning that if you have a good amount of crit chance this badboy will do A TRUCK LOAD OF DAMAGE! The ability can be canceled after the first hit rather quickly and you can use it for combos aswell. When maxed out it gives you (Blessing: Immune to immobilization) So no one can interrupt you from doing the whole thing True IronHammer Lv1 (Physical): "Throws several strong lightning bolts in a row after a strong attack" (MaxOut, Always) It's the same as Siegs ultimate IronHammer except that it does slightly less damage while providing alot more Range and AOE, it's really good for Staging, infact one of Siegs best Staging skills. It has a rather decent cooldown when maxed out and it gives you (Blessing: Immune to immobilization) aswell. The mana usage is slightly higher then most of his skills but overall it's a must. (Can not be canceled untill second hit). Distruction Fist Lv1 (Physical): "This skill makes you invincible for a given time while charging at the opponent to knock the opponent back." (1 Point, Always, MaxOut when having additionl skill points to spare.) Sieg throws his sword on his back and does a lunging punch which hits on a broad area infront of him. It's one of Siegs best abilities due to the good damage and utility, however due to the cooldown being longer then certain abilities the overall DPS is actually less then other abilites, the built in invincibility frames tough makes it a must have aswell as the Knockdown/pushback it provides, so overall good utility. "When it doubt, just D-FIST!" Info provided by Scope168. Finishing Blow Lv1 (Physical): "Deliver an additional blow on a fallen enemy." (Nope, only Pvp) It does exactly what it says it does, it's only really good for Pvp and even then it can be somewhat optional. The damage is really good but it only hits on knocked down enemies and the Range/AOE is bad. I would only recommend this on Pvp, never on Stage. Sky Slash Lv1 (Physical): "Levitate and strike down the opponent to deliver heavy damage. Can force the opponent to stand up and deliver additional blows." (MaxOut/8 Points Optional Only Pvp, 1 Point for Stage) The ability does A TRUCK LOAD OF DAMAGE but has a very small hitbox so you can only really hit one person. The ability strikes two times, the first strike knocks the enemy down, the second strike hits the enemy when knocked down and bounces them up, you can follow it up with another ability if you like. This ability is only really good for combos in Pvp, you can use it agianst certain mobs since it does a good chunk of damage anyway but you can't really use it effectivly agianst mobs that can't be knocked down, since the second strike only hits on knockdowned opponents. The mana usage is also very high, so something you should consider if you're using it for Staging, but a great skill for Pvp. (Note: When you level the ability higher it launches them even higher on the second hit!) Info provided by Scarlet, "some Taiwanese players i don't know the name of lol"... and Scope168. True Distruction Fist Lv1 (Physical): "This skill makes you invincible for a given time while charging at the opponent to knock the opponent back." (MaxOut, Always) It does the exact same thing as Distruction Fist except that it sends out a wave after the initial punch, hitting everything in it's path in a straight line. This ability is amazing because of it's damage, low cooldown, range and it's built in invincibility frames. You can use this skill two ways, the first one being from close while the second one being from a distance. "What's the diffrence?" If you use it from a far it will only hit the opponents once, if you use it from very close then it can hit the opponents TWICE! as the follow up wave will hit them while they are flying backwards in mid air! (Note: The ability can go trough your opponents without hitting them, which can either be a bad thing sometimes or a good thing.... it really depends.) Skill Sets (Sword Page) Crescent Moonsword Lv1 (Magical,Wind): "Throw crescent moon-shaped sword aurora at the opponent to deliver repeated blows." (Nope) One of Siegs longest range abilities believe it or not.... This ability is only good on lower levels, once you get to around 40+ it starts to become useless and when in myth it's pretty much trash. The reason for this is because it has very low Physical scaling, so regardless of what you wear or how high your level is this ability will do PEANUT DAMAGE later on But it's good for one thing and that is crowd control, so you can push enemies into corners or group them up nicely to set up for your other skills for you or your teammates. However, the charging time of this ability is painfully long, and it can be interrupted at any given time regardless of what you do with it, it can not be canceled aswell.... So better to skip out on it later. Thundering Sound Lv1 (Magical, Wind): "Throw a powerful thunderbolt at the enemy to inflict spalsh damage on the enemies nearby and slow down the enemies that are far away." (MaxOut, Only Pvp) The damage that it does is magical and because of that it scales like shite, just like CMS (Crescent Moon Sword), it is magical, it has a long casting time, it can't be canceled and the damage is good at lower levels but scales to garbage tier later on. This ability however is really good for Pvp since it knocks down, so if you have an opponent running around with 0 hp but is being a little "bish boy" about it.... you can use this badboy to make him trip and crush whatever dreams he had of a comeback. It can be used for combos, so you get the amazing slow from it which is a nightmare to deal with and makes your opponent ragequit. ( Note: 50% slow when maxed for 10 secs!) Info provided by Scarlet. Flash Fate (Magical, Wind): "Eminates a powerful sword aurora three consecutive times to damage the enemy" (1 point only, Pvp) As you can see there is somewhat of a pattern here.... Abilities that are magic/elemental scaling are useless for stages since Sieg is a Physical based character... This ability however unlike the rest can be useful for Pvp, the reason being that you can dash cancel after it and follow up on a combo. So you can use this skill effectivly only if you're a Pvp player but other then that... It's useless. (Note: Long cooldown, Longest casting time, Uncancelable during, Good Range.) (Note: Can be used for it's utility since it makes you immune to knockdown for a breif period during the animation, requires some points tough for you to do this.) Info provided by Scope168 and vArcee. True Whirlwind Wave Lv1 (Magical, Wind): "Blow forth a giant tornado to attack all enemies." (Nope, 1 Point, highly optional.) "Some Sieg players like this skill, im not one of them".... This ability goes forward in a straight line while hitting everything in it's path (Multiplicatively) and has a really long range. So why do i dislike this ability? There are Two reasons, Reason 1: "Magic scaling sucks!" Reason 2: "It Doesn't always hit mobs multiple times, infact some mobs simply get knocked up after getting hit once for some astounding PEANUT DAMAGE only to fall down and get back up like nothing happend". The only thing this skill is good for is... erm......... NOTHING! You can use it for some range poke i guess, and it still does hit bosses multiple times. Meh.... Hurricane Sword Lv1 (Magical, Wind): "Plunges your sword down into the ground to create a powerful wave that deliver several blows to your enemies" (1 Point always.) "With a discription like that, you would expect some sort of spectical right?!".... Nope, just another magic scaling PEANUT DAMAGE ability. This ability hits your opponents multiple times and juggles them. If you hit them with the whole thing it can actually do decent damage, but the scaling is bad ergo the damage is shite. The range is actually good tough and the hitbox is suprisingly wide (still thin tough), but it's alright.... However It has fast casting time and is overall a good Utility ability for Sieg. Info provided by Scope168 Whirling Sword Lv1 (Physical): "Throws a whirling sword at the enemy that delivers several blows." (MaxOut, Always) This ability is probably one of my favorites for multiple reasons, Reason 1: "It does multiplicative damage." Reason 2: "It has decent Range and decent AOE/Hitbox" Reason 3: "You can dash cancel (Whirling cancel) after it for a sick looking combo! It's super fun! "..... Reason 4: "(Physical) scaling which means that it does alot of damage early on and even later on in the game". So overall this is a really good ability for both Pvp and Staging regardless of level. (Blessing: Immune to immobilization.) Whirlwind Wave Lv1 (Magical, Wind): "Throws whirling sword energy to hit enemy. When hit the enemy cannot move and is hit four additional times." (3 Points Optional Stage, 2 Points Pvp always) One of the few magic scaling ability that is worth your time..... The skill shoots tornados that are homing (you don't need to aim, "so much"...) and hit the opponent multiple times. The ability can knock up certains mobs while leaving some in a staggered state. You usually want to level this ability up to level 2 because at level you can start comboing of it alot more efficiently. Only 3 if you have the points to spare as it increases the amount of Tornados you shoot to 3. It's good as a poking ability vs bosses, due to it's Multiplicative damage, however the Cooldown makes it less appealing. (Good for pvp to, especially at corners.) (Note: The ability apparently has faster recovery at level 2 then level 3, so you can't do certain combos when leveling it to 3 for pvp, so if you're going pvp only then 2 is recommended.) Info provided by vArcee, Scarlet and Scope168. Skill sets (Charge page) Kicking Lv1 (Physical): "Triple kick the enemy causing repeated damage." (1 Point, Always, MaxOut Optional) Essential ability for comboing with Sieg, without it you can't really pull of sick combos bruh... The ability is good for both Stages and Pvp and just juggling whatever mob you want to juggle, It's super fun aswell. "(About kicking. At low sp and high dex in myth you might consider maxing it to fill your downtimes on cd. If you get to spam skills like crazy it can do a bunch for your dps while your other skills are on cooldown. (Like spamming kicking is more dmg than using a fist and then just using normal attacks)" Info provided by Scope168 Whirlwind Wave Attack Lv1 (Physical): "Rushes at the enemy while rapidly spinning a sword to do heavy damage." (MaxOut Always.) This ability is something you want to refrain from maxing first, if you've rebirthed and you have more skill points to spend then spending it on this ability is not a bad idea. The ability is Physical which means it scales really well, it's Multiplicative meaning it hits multiple times for good crit chances and it has a rather good hitbox so you can hit multiple foes at once if aimed properly. The ability is also good for comboing and Pvp so you can use it for that aswell. (Blessing: Immune to Immobilization.) (Note: Does not need to be maxed to get the Blessing status from it!) Infinite Meteor Sword Lv1 (Physical): "Inflicts damage on the enemy with the 'Ultimate 8 Blows' combo." (2 Points and above Pvp Always, 1 point in stage, "higher if you have spare skill points".) This does pretty much what the discription of it says. The reason you want to level the ability is because it does 8 hits that are Physical which does decent damage but the utility of it can be useful. It has a circular hitbox, so minor AOE (area of effect), it Staggers enemies and it makes you immune to knockdowns/staggers. The ability is good for combos aswell since you can hit the entire combo mid air, so it works really well for Pvp, and it can be canceled on last hit so you can continue the combo. (Blessing: Immune to Immobilization.) "(Note: On level 1 the ability can drop your opponent without hitting the entire combo, that's why you want it at lvl2 for Pvp.)" Info provided by vArcee and Scope168. Windkicks Lv1 (Physical): "Sieg uses his sword for balance and swings around it kicking. This skill moves Sieg forward quite a bit, but is easily interrupted by ranged attacks." (Maxout Always.) The good thing about this ability is that it does good Damage and launches everything around you while doing Multiplicative damage to everything it strikes, which is good for crit ofcourse and the scaling is Physical. However the abillity has no safe frames at all so you can be interrupted/Knocked out of it which sucks..... The ability is also good for combo enders, so a decent skill for Pvp. (Takes time to get used to it since it can be interrupted.) Flying Dragon Sword Lv1 (Physical): "Sieg swiftly charges at the target causing an initial blow upon contact, he then immediately swings upwards and become airborne for an additional blow." (1 Point Pvp Always, 1 Point Stage Optional.) An overall decent skill due to it's Utility, the ability has Physical scaling which is decent, it knockes the enemy up into the air and has a really good hitbox, suprisingly wide actually. The ability is the best when it comes to getting out of sticky situations since it's really fast in both starting and active frames, and it has (Blessing: Immune to Immobilization.) So you'll find yourself using this ability all the time whenever you see a "hit" comming your way. (Note: You can recover after using the ability alot faster by tapping any of the directional buttons, then proceed to follow it up with the combo of your choice.) Really good for Pvp, decent for Stage "(Note2: The ability will drop your Pvp opponent when leveled up higher then lvl1, it's more consistent at lvl1.)" Info provided by vArcee and Scope168. Skill set (Blessing Page) Magic Defense Lv1: "The caster becomes immune to all forms of magic damage for the duration of the spell. It does not work agianst physical attacks" (1 Point Always, MaxOut Highly Optional) Basically this is an active skill that you use to make youself immune to all forms om MAGIC based attacks! It's great for facing mobs or bosses who like to use MAGIC based attacks since it makes you immune to it, which mean you can use this to save yourself from a truck load of damage, can be applied in Pvp aswell for those pesky Dainn players/any MAGIC based character >:) , (Note: At level 1 you have the blessing for 10 seconds!) Rage Explosion Lv1: "All physical attacks cause 50% more damage for the duration of battle." (MaxOut, optional) This is a good skill overall, if you get this and the rebirthed version you can remain on rage troughout. You don't need to max it tough, if you want to spend the skill points somewhere else, but overall it's a good skill to MaxOut If staging is your thing. (Note: 45 second duration when maxed!) Feign Death Lv1: "Feign Death to lower an enemies guard" (MaxOut Always.) You always want one point in this ability because if shit hits the fan and you need to quickly avert damage. The ability allows you to lay down which makes you impossible to hit for a breif period of time since most mobs can't hit people who are already lying down. So it can be a life saver and it's good for Pvp aswell for the same reasons. (Note: When maxed the duration of you laying on the ground increases, this is really good agianst some bosses that will one shot you with certain abilities that last for long periods of time.) Info provided by Scarlet and vArcee. Provocation Lv1: "Provokes the enemy with a weak attack to attract his attention. (In Pvp mode this forces the opposing player to approach you)" (MaxOut, Pvp only) This ability shines in Pvp and is pretty useless on stage, it can slow down your enemy and it's hitbox is rather huge since it's in a circle around for a good distance. You can use this ability for cathing those pesky runners in Pvp since it staggers them, forces them towards you and it slows them aswell for a breif period. (Note: Might be bugged because the opponent doesn't move towards you when you use it but instead is just staggered and dragged slightly closer to you.) (Note 2: Mobs may draw aggro towards you when you use this ability, so it's good if your goal is to have all the focus on you.) (Note 3: The higher you level this ability the longer the range and duration of the slow, the stronger the potency of the slow. When Maxed: Duration 15secs, Curse Slow 19%, Range 80!) Info provided by Scarlet. Protective Aura Lv1: "The caster becomes immune to attacks with attributes such as knock-down and knock-up and is healed a certain amount of HP every second for the duration" (Useless) Sadly this skill seems to be bugged since it doesn't do what the discription entails, instead it only heals you for a small amount..... It can however still be used for Pvp since the minor heal can be the diffrence between losing and winning. But overall it's Broken/Bugged. True Rage Explosion Lv1: "All physical attacks cause 50% more damage for the duration of battle, and you get a strength boost!" (1~Point or higher, "Higher for Str dmg boost") A very important skill that basically increases all your Physical attacks by 50% so you do alot more damage with all your autos and your skills, it gives you additional Str (Strength), so you do even more damage with it. (Note: 200 Strength at max level, but if you're low on sp then you can choose to go lower on sp) (sp=skillpoints) Requires 600 hp to use at max tough so it hurts a little . Info provided by Scope168. Skill set (Ability Page) Health Increase Lv1: "Increases your Maximum HP" (Useless) It may be slightly suprising to see this one categorized as Useless but let me explain my self breifly. You get a Maximum of 600HP from this ability, which may sound good but in the long run is actually Useless since 600HP is little to none when doing MYTH since you'll have equipment that gives you thousands of HP and you'll face mobs that sneeze for 600HP. Granted however this can save you in certain instances, usually in LEGEND or BONUS stages but overall it's just a waste of Skill Points, points that you can use for other things Mana Recovery Lv1: "Increases your Mana Regeneration Speed" (Useless) I know, i know.... you're probably thinking "Why is this Useless" well the reason is simple, why would you need Mana Regen when you can spam Mana Pots? The Answer is.... YOU DON'T. This ability can be good for earlier stages since you'll find yourself running out of Mana but you'll never run out of Mana in Myth stages since you'll have thousands of MP (ManaPoints), the only thing this ability is good for is maybe BONUS and LEGEND stages, But even then aslong as you have Mana Pots you'll be fine, despite Siegs overall lack of Mana. Increase Mana Lv1: "Increases your Maximum Mana Points" (Useless) Very simple reasons, A. You don't get much Mana even when maxed. B. You'll have enough Mana when you get to MYTH and you can still spam Mana Pots in BONUS and LEGEND. Deadly Blow Lv1: "Increase the chances of critical hits, (Useful for Pvp combat)" (MaxOut, Always) This ability increases your Critchance by 10% when MaxedOut which is really good, don't let it's discription fool you either since it's good for Stages aswell. Crit is always welcomed in this game (Note: Eventually you'll be able to MaxOut your crit with gear/Pets anyway, so at a certain point you won't need to Max this out.) Minimal Damage Lv1: "Reduces damage taken from Physical attacks by fixed percentage of chance" (MaxOut, Always) This is a helpful ability to have overall since it reduces the amount of damage you take which is very helpful for a close ranged character like Sieg, the ability really shines on BONUS and LEGEND stages from what i've noticed since those mobs usually hurt... ALOT. But if you can, do Max this ability out (Note: When maxed, percentage of chance increases to 70%!!!) Strike Specialization Lv1: "Your Physical damage will increase" (MaxOut, Always) Do i even need to explain this one to you? The ability increases your Physical damage, which is another reason for why Magic scaling abilities suck for Sieg. (Note: Once MaxedOut your Physical damage increases by 12,5%!!!) Congrats now you can be a Strong Sieg like me! Now go out there and make me proud! >:D So that's about all for this Guide now, i'll regularly update things in the future if needed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. All criticism is welcomed, if i've missed something feel free to message me/Write it down on the section below. Note that i can be busy at times so i wont always be able to update the guide in time. Thank you for reading, i hope this was helpful. and yes there are some bugs with the images used, it's not my fault it's the site being weird lol... Special Thanks to vArcee, for additional info and overall support. Prince/Scarlet, for constructive criticism and additional info Scope168, for additional info