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Found 4 results

  1. CoD

    Hi everyone, Well im playing this Lunia since 03/07/2016 and i never seen this game so empty how it is before... its not a opinion, its a fact. Another fact is ALWAYS was hard to start from 0 and get good status to solo all these differents maps. Im just saying that bacause i saw many comments like "Lunia is P2W" or "Its impossible to start from lvl 0 and get stuff". Its not impossible but this a private server where you need money to keep it up and working. My point is: People started left this game since Cod dissapeared. So what about to BRING COD BACK? it force you to make a party bcs the rate drop get high on full party. You dont need to be farming as fuck. We would bring CoD back and put there DM set or the new one wich will come in the new patch. About DX... this is not the first time that i talk about how useless is DX atm, theres no reason to go there, it could get new drops or move something worthfull there like halonic, or Chaos coin. They told me about do some changes there would affect to the rate drop, but im sure that is not impossible to fix. Sd2, Sd1, Soldin, or even AS box should be remove. Well that is my suggestion, i really think bringing CoD back it will get better. Im complaning about nothing, but its sad log on and see almost no one playing. Even MKT1 is not full lol. About you guys(Players) if you got a better idea(not complain) post it. Lets make then read us and see if we can change anything to be able to have a fun on Lunia. Sorry Selene and Crash because you guys are problably done about my suggestions lol. <3 Link: CoD run!
  2. Couldn't find stage

    Heya everytime i try to join a stage etc. it tells me very shortly something like "Couldn't find stage" or so (not sure since its like 0.5 sec) and then it logs out to the server selection where u can select squares etc. How do i fix this ._. I can join other groups with no problem but whenever i try to join something by myself it just takes me out of my char.
  3. Lime Stage/Myth Skill Guide

    A Key - Bite S Key - Charged Bite (Launches Target into the Air) Space Key - Spit (Hard Knock Down) Dash = Rolling Attack "Attack" Wiggling Jelly -Immune to Immobilization True Sticky Jelly -Immune to Immobilization True Shiny Shung -Immune to Immobilization "Transform" *TIP* Since Transform Skills have Prerequisite Skills, you should ... -First, max the Prerequisite Skills -Secondly, max the Transform Skill -Lastly, use the "Skill Initialization Card(1SP)" to remove the Prerequisite Skills to save skill points. Where to get the "Skill Initialization Card(1SP)" ? Item Store (F7) > Free Items > Page 3/3 Bumba Lime -Immune to Immobilization -Cancels Transform when HP reaches 0 A Key - Enhanced Pyororok Tongtong S Key - True Shiny Shung Space Key - Slow charged attack Duration: Maxed = 22 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = 30 Sec Pang Pang Lime -Immune to Immobilization -Cancels Transform when HP reaches 0 A Key - True Kunkungi S Key - True Sticky Jelly Space Key - AoE Explosion Duration: Maxed = 19 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = 24 Sec Biki Lime -Immune to Immobilization -Cancels Transform when HP reaches 0 A Key - Rolling Rolling Thud S Key - Wiggling Jelly Space Key - AoE Poison Explosion *Does insignificant damage* Duration: Maxed = 19 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = 24 Sec Cool Wabang Lime -Immune to Immobilization -Cancels Transform when HP reaches 0 A Key - Bite S Key - 3 Enhanced Freezing Lime Shung Space Key - Spin Attack Duration: Maxed = 30 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = 30 Sec Cool Pang Pang Lime -Immune to Immobilization -Cancels Transform when HP reaches 0 A Key - Spits a wide penetrating slow missile in a straight direction S Key - Spits 5 small penetrating missiles spreading in a cone direction Space Key - Spits small penetrating missiles in a clockwise direction Duration: Maxed = 30 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = 30 Sec "Eruption" "Bless" Kowabunga Effect / Duration: Maxed = Increase Speed by 90% for 60 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase Speed by 100% for 60 Sec Strength Potion -Does not stack with Vitality Potion / Ultra Jelly Vitality Potion -Does not stack with Strength Potion / Ultra Jelly Ultra Jelly -Does not stack with "Strength Potion / Vitality Potion Effect / Duration: Maxed = Increase All Physical Properties by 50% for 35 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase All Physical Properties by 50% for 40 Sec Slimy Tenacity Effect / Duration: Maxed = Increase HP by 30% for 120 Sec Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase HP by 40% for 140 Sec "Ability" HP Regeneration Effect: Maxed = Increase Healing by 15% Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase Healing by 20% Deadly Blow Effect: Maxed = Increase Critical Chance by 24% Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase Critical Chance by 30% Slimy Joy Effect: Maxed = Increase Speed by 30% Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase Speed by 40% Lime's Health Effect: Maxed = Increase Vit by 8% Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase Vit by 10% Jelly Skills Mastery Effect: Maxed = Increase Physical Skills by 32% Maxed and with Skill Dye +2 = Increase Physical Skills by 40% "Recommended Skill Dyes" (Myth) Weapon: Jelly Skills Mastery +2 / Pang Pang Lime +2 Head: Wiggling Jelly +2 Chest: Biki Lime +2 Leg: Bumba Lime +2 Foot: Lime's Health +2 Hand: HP Regeneration +2 Support: Cool Pang Pang Lime +2 Face: True Sticky Jelly +2 Back: True Rolling Bump +2 Lower: Kunkungi +2 Etc. 1: True Shiny Shung +2 Etc. 2: Ultm. Limes' Assault!! +2 Scroll Fragment: Combat Specialist +2 (Stage) Weapon: Jelly Skills Mastery +2 / Pang Pang Lime +2 Head: Wiggling Jelly +2 Chest: Biki Lime +2 Leg: Bumba Lime +2 Foot: Lime's Health +2 Hand: HP Regeneration +2 Support: Deadly Blow +2 Face: Back: Lower: Etc. 1: Etc. 2: You may use "Cool Pang Pang Lime+2" in any of the blanks above
  4. Tia Myth and Stage build/guide

    Update skill build for Tia with 5~ RBIf you are not using Entwining Roots and Flying Fang, feel free to use those SP into whatever you want http://puu.sh/ltSJu/6397eb0f02.jpg ← click for buildreason why you want to MAX Thorny Fairy Sword instead of Dexterity Reinforcement is because you can't use Hide and Dexterity Reinforcement together. Also, you get BackStab effect on Thorny Fairy Sword_________________________________________________________________________________________________________A guide for Tia build for myth and stage. Level 80 1 Rebirth Build and pretty much the best and most efficient + safe build. It is also a build that you can easily Solo Myth Stages 1. reasons for specific level for skills 2. tips 3. picture of skill build ____________________ 1ForestCyclone Blow: 1/11Very useful skill as it can be used for HKD [Hard Knock Down] and in combo. MUST HAVE.Willow Leaf Kick: 0/10Not needed unless it's for PVPFlying Fang: 1/10Used to combo mobs to kill it faster, if you can't combo.. don't put any SP on it. Use the SP on Thunder Shock.Entwining Roots 1/10Used to combo mobs with Flying Fang and to start air combo mobs that are knocked down. If you cant combo, use SP on Thunder ShockMidair Prison 10/10The skill that does the highest DPS to mobs that can be air combo'dFairy Flame 0/10Not needed unless it's for PVPBlind 0/9Not needed unless it's for PVPWindSurprise Attack 11/11Not much to say about this.. Does OK damage to bosses and can also be cancelled with dash. (you can choose to max RB surprise attack or this one)Forest Wind Wedge 0/10Not needed.Shadow Counter Attack 1/10Best skill in the game. MUST have. cant stress enough. The forward slash animation gives invincible frame and if you can time it right, you can dodge pretty much every skill.Thorny Fairy Sword 1/11Used as an HKD [Hard Knock Down] skill and escape tool. (you want to max this later when you have more RB and skill points)Silp's Wing 1/9Third best skill in the game. used for air combo and invincible frame when you are in air. If you can control it right, can have invincible frame up to 3-4 seconds.Whisper of Wind 0/9Not neededThousand Leaf Split 6/6Highest DPS output to a boss from behind. Used well with Hide and AEH [Ancient Elf Hero] 2 piece set effect.True Whisper of Wind 1/5Used to push mobs. MUST have.True Surprise Attack 0/11I have sacrificed this skill to max the Spanning Throwing Knife + the RB equivalent of this skill and Midair Prison..... for greater good. (you can choose to max normal surprise attack or this one)DarknessThorny Throwing Knife 1/10Second best skill in the game. Used to cancel skill animation and movements. Can also be used in combo. MUST have.Flying Throwing Knife 0/10Not needed unless it's for PVPSpanning Throwing Knife10/10Used with True Spanning Throwing Knife and/or Midair Prison for high DPS to mobs that can be combo'd. Does high damage to big mobs as it penetrates.Thunder Shock 6/10max this skill last and only put ONE SP on it early. It is only because you want to use this skill to get the mobs in air and use Thousand Leaf Split for high DPS. (at level 4, you can dash cancel which is quite good)Thunder Trick 0/10Not needed.Shock Trap 0/10Not neededDark Fog 7/7Used to escape and deal extra damage to already air combo'd mobs.True Spanning Knife 11/11Does high damage with Midair Prison + Spanning Throwing Knife. Penetrates so it is very useful.True Dark Fog 11/11Used to escape AND deal damage. Can be combined with other combo able skills such as Spanning Throwing Knife.BlessApplying Poison 0/4No.Turn Back Time 0/4Not neededPoison of Rescue 0/4Not needed unless it's for PVPHide 4/4Obvious reasons. while hide is active you get 50% more damage but decreased movement speed. MUST have.String of Rescue 0/9Kind of useful but Thunder Shock gives up all the reason to have this skill.Dexterity Reinforce 0/10Not needed.. just a waste of SP in the early rebirths (you can't use it at the same time as hide anyways)AbilityMana Recovery 0/8Use the SP on dmg, buy potions or use guild mana potion.Mana Increase 0/8NoHealth Increase 0/8NoDeadly Blow 4/430% more critical chance. MUST have.Poison Effect 0/6NoPhysical Specialization 9/935% more physical damage. MUST have.Deadly Poison Specialization 9/935% damage increase to poison related skills. Must have because almost all your skills are poison element. 2Tips• When facing small mobs, push first > Spanning Knife into Midair Prison for high DPS. Alternatively Spanning Knife> True Spanning knife> Midair Prison. Can use Dark fog at the end for extra DPS• Use Hide + AEH [Ancient Elf Hero] 2 piece set effect with Thousand Leaf split for big mobs so you don't have to deal with it together with the small ones. (note: ALWAYS TLS from BEHIND)• When together with others always TBT [Turn Back Time] them as it will kill mobs in the next room faster. (note: use it wisely)• When small mobs are pushed into a wall. Use Thunder shock + TLS for high air combo DPS (note: use wisely. Don't use when you know there will be a big mob in the next room• Learn to roll. it saves you and increases your movement accuracy. [ DASH A S] [DASH A SPACE] ---- practice in practice field.• Learn to do simple combo with Entwining Roots + Flying fang as it helps you kill mobs faster than usual. [ AA SS DASH Flying fang WALK AA SS] [Roots (second hit) Flying Fang WALK AA SS]• No need to always push mobs to the end of the road, can also push them to the side as long as they are all together.• Keep your AEH [Ancient Elf Hero] pieces in skill bar with TLS to use them faster.• Learn to use Silp's Wing• The reason why you should max Thunder Shock instead of True Surprise Attack is because it can be used in a combo, you use 90% of the time you myth with small mobs ( better to use Thunder shock on small mobs than using more time trying to hit a Back Stab then again you can use it casually... but just NOT WORTH IT.• Learn to time Shadow Counter Attack, be patient with monster attacks.• Use Silp's Wing if you have 0 HP in MYTH 3 as there is the fire of rage.• Objects that can be attacked but aren't mobs can be BACK STABBED from above • A video that showcases such tips and more: 3