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Found 2 results

  1. HELP!

    Hello, its been forever since i last played this game (not in this server), any guide on how to go from newbie to a mid-level player?. i've played this game before it was closed, but i was a low tier, with just 3 or 4 rebirths, had the level 75 and 85 skill on sieg (if i recall well the 85 was a super lightning strike but had a limitation of like 10 or 20 uses per week). any idea on what should i do at my current state? level 73 1st rebirth, no myth set, crappy normal set. and 0 gold... i am thinking on starting over again
  2. I need some advices

    Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone! I just return to play Lunia after several months, and I just faced those changes in DEX players. As a main Ryan - noob - player, farming M4 was the only way to make a little amount of gold (I never passed the mark of 2000G btw) and make some money to buy item after item, for me and my characters. Now, I have no guild and can't make money as fast as before. Could you guys help me with this? I continue to farm M4 even though it is much slower (because I can not kill the mobs with 1 hit - 12k str) or do you guys have some other tip that I can go through to get more money. I'm current at lv 80, 12k str and set sdd2. And sorry if I am in the wrong section. I just sign up in the forum. And my english is rusty, so please forgive me.