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Found 579 results

  1. Account Blocked

    Account name: moonjeonghyuk Date and Time: 2019/06/18, 6:04:00 PM Additional information: Sent mail, switched sqr too fast and blocked myself.
  2. Character Name(s) : South Date : 06-17-2019 Approximate Server Time**: 11:23 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Ancient Fire Dragon CHEST (DEX) & 1 Additional Comments : careless extraction.. sorry for that
  3. Account stuck

    account name :kentasurou Date : 6/16/2019 Approximate Time[?] : 22:00 (GTM+9) Additional Comments : If you fail to log in and try to log in again, [you are already connected to the lobby. ] It will be displayed. https://imgur.com/lA61sdy Help me.
  4. Account Blocked

    Account name: moonjeonghyuk Date and Time: 2019/06/14, 6:18:00 PM Additional information: Sent mail, switched sqr too fast and blocked myself.
  5. Sieg is blocked

    my sieg got blocked crafting NS neck, nick: HARLOCK time: 15:43 Europe I really want to know why that happened. while i was crafting this message shows up: You dont have space on your inventory. Please free up and try again. Of courser my bad wasnt full.
  6. Character Name(s) : GruundIsBack Date : 06/11/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 08:00AM (tenta lembrar a hora do server. Que horas foi no seu relógio? Então, aumenta 5 horas do fuso horário que vc chega na hora do server) Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 1x Chaos Lunia Weapon (INT) Additional Comments : I was going to put max add, however, i extract it by accident. Please give me back the item. S2 // Hello, how are you? yesterday, I finally drove my gun ddm1 int, and at the time of putting max add, I was on the wrong tab and extracted. Please, I would hold back, I've been trying to drop this item for so long, and in the hour of madness, I put it in the wrong place. Please!
  7. Character Name(s) : ArchmageDainn Date : 06/06/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 04:35AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 01 Evil Spirit of Deities (I don't know if the full name is that) Additional Comments : We were playing DDX and a teammate dc'ed, but he was stuck, so we couldn't restart the stage. Because of that, i wen't alone restart the stage to call the other teammates. When i did that, i got dc'ed too, then stuck, and had to force log off at site. Logged in and the Evil Spirit was not at my inventory anymore. I had just dropped it seconds before. ** Making a new topic because the last one was not like the guildline instructions (and i don't know how to delete). Thank you.
  8. Account Blocked

    I sent a letter to GM_Market. After that, i was desconnected. Now when i try to connect to my account a message appears saying that my account has been blocked. My e-mail is felipepooterkrieger@gmail.com
  9. Believe

    Account name: snowing001@naver.com Character name: Believe Date and Time: 06 / 06/ 2019 9:46am Additional information: I make ring and F1 click
  10. Forbidden Character

    Hi Wendy and Crash, when I accessed my character I received a letter from GM Selene, I do not know what it was, but when I clicked, my character was disconnected. I was directed to the persongens selection screen, but I could no longer connect my dark eir. The following message appeared: But I was able to access all the other characters on the list. I would like to know what can be done, today I will not be able to play with my character because it is forbidden. I believe it's the cards I sent to the character with other people who were in the same account and others I have. In short, I think it's GM Selene's message, thinking it was the Raids title returned or the letters I sent. Could you help me solve this situation? Details: There is the possibility that it is the title, but I gave RB (Rebirth), so I missed the completed missions and may have given data conflict. I was reborn because I did not believe I would get the title so early, so I would do it again.Here is the post about the title: Account: neuzinha Approximate time the event occurred: Waiting for answers. Thank you.
  11. Account Blocked

    Account name: pianbezz@gmail.com Character name: Hnnoni Date and Time: 5:55 AM 05-26-2019 Additional information: After sending mail, changing square..
  12. Acct Blocked.

    Account name: Yexzenica Date and Time: 2019/05/22, 12:20am Additional information: Sent mail, switched sqr too fast and blocked myself.
  13. Date : 22/05/2019 Approximate Server Time: about 11:10 PM in Taiwan Character Name:Rimiru Item Name:Forgotten Snow Girls (Head) INT Additional Comments :Inadvertently extracted
  14. Account Blocked

    Account name: skyrain1003@naver.com Character name: SolaSola Date and Time: 12:00 ~ 12:05 am(server time), 5/21 2019 Additional information: Account was blocked while I was moving to other square after receiving the mail. Thanks
  15. Account blocked

    Name of Account: KellanEmail of Account: dgdcatoz@naver.comDate and hour: 20/05/2019 11:00 AM (Server hour)Message: My account was blocked even though I had a few moments after sending mails. Thanks.
  16. Character : OkiDooki server day : may 18, 2019 / 11:40 ~ 11:45 i was sell CS+15 Ancient fire foot(INT) rollback plz..
  17. please help me reduce my equitment ~~~~~ Date : 16/05/2019 Approximate Server Time**: about 11:46 PM in Taiwan Character Name:Mang Item Name:Chaos Lunia Gloves(VIT) Additional Comments : I used to use the identification,but I accidentally extracted it.
  18. Blocked account.

    Name of Account: Nertorion Email of Account: Nertorion@live.com Date and hour: 13/05/2019 03:00 AM (Server hour) Message: "Your accont has been blocked" No Apparent reason.
  19. Gm, I need help, I'm doing Raid title, but when I completed CERTAK I could not receive the same, my previous title disappeared. I do not remember if I sold it, threw it away, or even some bug, I do not know. I'm sad about it, I would be able to recover it. I do not have data like time, but I'm playing for a week. Account name: neuzinha Character's Name: MAISHA01 What can be done? Please help me, I spent hours playing, a lot of work.
  20. Ign: Narcissistix Date and Time: 10:53 AM server time on May 12th, 2019 Cause: Crafted Ancient Fire Dragon Head without being aware that there wasn't enough space in my inventory. I received the message of "insufficient inventory space, please free up inventory". The newly crafted AFD head ended up stacked into an existing AFD head making the AFD head icon showing x2 (see image https://imgur.com/2ZqylAp). I knew sh*t was gonna happen so I screenshot it just in case... wala i was right... I got DC'd and the character Narcissistix is now prohibited. Please help me out... Thanks!
  21. Account Blocked

    Account name: - Character name: - Date and Time: 2:09am Server time - May.06.2019 Additional information: Changed squares after mailing to GM_Market Thanks Wendy
  22. Still No Lcoins

    Hello, I purchased L Coins a few hours ago and still have not received them. Can A GM please msg me on whats the issue?
  23. Character use prohibited

    Account name: ajamieo Character name: Yexzartica Date and Time: 2019/01/19, 5:23am Additional information: was crafting unbinds and character dc, now says use is prohibited, but only on this character, i can still create and use other characters.
  24. cash

    Yesterday I bought 10 dollars in cash to my account in Lunia. The cash did not enter in my count yet.
  25. My account Blocked

    My account was blocked for what reason? MasterRaid i need help . Please