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About Me

Found 626 results

  1. Conta Bloqueada

    Não consigo acessar minha conta, nick: Durotan XxKILUAxX
  2. account blocked

    Good afternoon, I went to change squares and now is saying that my account is blocked, please unlock. character name : RockDancer
  3. Account blocked

    E-mail: estermanar1998@hotmail.com Character name: Ariensemnome Server time: 20/08/2019 1:49 PM Info: I send a mail and change square HELP
  4. account blocked

    Account name: ARTA4LEO@GMAIL.COM Character name: Fatt Date and Time: 11:45 PM Monday, August 19, 2019 (EDT) Additional information: Came to sq, opened some fish boxes, tried to go to mk1 from us2 and banned.
  5. Account blocked

    Account name: obi-juan88 Character name: Bathory Date and Time: 19/08/19 4:33AM Additional information: Mail some stuff and changed sq too quick I think.
  6. Account blocked

    Account name: Oliverzgr Character name: SensDeir/SensTia Sens all lol Date and Time: like 15:30 (?) Mexico hour Additional information: I was on US2 and then i wanted to move to US easter, and i get logged out and couldnt get into any sq, i thought it was maintence or something so i went out, then i came back now and i tried to log in and it says "Account blocked i couldnt post on the account blocked topic so i did this, sorry ;_;
  7. Account blocked

    Account name: chris.cheung13@hotmail.com Character name: GoodNews Date and Time: 2019/08/16 7:54 PM Additional information: After Sending Mail to My another account and log off.I couldn't log back in.
  8. Account blocked

    Account name: jh322100@naver.com Character name: Yuha Date and Time: 2019/08/15 6:50 PM Additional information: I sent mail another user, and I couldn't get into the square
  9. Account blocked

    Account name: gn0102617 Character name: IcingQueenQQ Date and Time: August 15 7:30am Additional information: due to switching sq right after mailing. It says "your account has been blocked". I think my ip got banned.
  10. Account block

    Account name: MintJams Character name: Jinwoo Date and Time: 2019/8/14 3:24 PM Additional information: stage over, and I couldn't get into the square
  11. account blocked

    Account name: nickyisanoobcake Character name: chastiefol Date and Time: 2019/8/14 08:50 AM Additional information: was crafting night spirit items and then it kicked me out...
  12. Account Blocked

    Account name: CrowleyXR Character name: XarienBelenix Date and Time: 14/08/19 04:10 AM Additional information: sent email and changer square
  13. Acc blocked

    Acc name:PeppercatxD Character Name:RirikaMomobami Date and Time:14/08/19 03:28 AM i send some golds to the site and i send back to my character bexause the item i wanted are sold on site,and when i try to change square my acc is got blocked .-. Edit:All of my accs got blocked o-O
  14. I was upgrading one foot DKD to sell, and I acidentally extract it after upgrade and light fortification, I just want to know if you guys can give it back to me? It was totally my mistake, but it isn't cheap I want to know if I can get it back. The foot was extract when I was putting the adds, then it turns to 250 fortification stones Character Name(s) : xGozaDivina Date : 11/08/2019 Approximate Server Time**: around 03:30 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Cold Shining Dark-Knight Devil III (Foot) (VIT) +15 Additional Comments : After I upgrade and light fortificate, I extract it acidentally @Wendy @Crash @Element
  15. account blocked

    Hello, Sorry my account got blocked because i changed email while i was online, sorry i forgot. IGN: SenseRiley Account name: juniorkumagaia Email: poderdobane@gmail.com Please help!
  16. Account Blocked

    Account Email: eloaeviny2@gmail.com Account Name: wendrellll Character Name: S2LimeS2 Date and Time: 16:00 08/09/2019 Additional Information: Got stuck in the lobby
  17. Account Blocked

    Email da conta: thiagotecrio@gmail.com Nome da Conta: EsmeraldKeeper Nome do Personagem: IshidaUryuU Data e Hora: 15:00 09/08/2019 Informações adicionais: Mudei e-mail e ficou preso no lobby
  18. account blocked

    Account name: mayuxuan0728 Character name: Flamminggo Date and Time: 8/7/2019 Additional information: Took some stuff from mail and switched sq and now everything is banned, i didnt mail anything only received
  19. Account blocked

    Account name: estter13@gmail.com Character name: Chelly Date and Time: 12:38 AM Adittional Information: I had sent a mail to GM Market then I switched square, but I forgot about that insta ban lol
  20. Account Blocked

    Nome da conta: thiagotechrio@gmail.com Data e Hora: 18:00 06/08/2019 Informações adicionais: Mudei e-mail e ficou preso no lobby
  21. Account blocked

    Account name: alexandra.soares@gmail.com Character name: ayameee Date and Time: 11:00 pm 05/08/2019 Additional information: i sent mail and moved the stage '-'
  22. Account Blocked

    Account name: leandro.regly@hotmail.com Character name: MissFlaming Date and Time: 4:15pm 04/08/2019 Additional information: i sent mail and moved the stage '-'
  23. Account Blocked

    Account name: asussw5@gmail.com Character name: xAzure Date and Time: 9:36 pm 08/03/2019 Additional information: Sent mail and moved to stage.
  24. Account Blocked

    Account name: ysc790752@gmail.com Character name: Kimchi95 Date and Time: 3:00pm 08/03/2019 Additional information: i sent mail and moved the stage 8 o8
  25. Account Blocked

    Account name: caique.lunia.gp@hotmail.com Character name: puppert1 Date and Time: 12:45 am ~ 12: 57 Additional information: I sent mail GM_Market and moved the stage After that Account Blocked "ip'