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Found 553 results

  1. I tried to log in today, but when I click my char, it shows "Use of this character prohibited". Can you unstuck for me please? Character name: xHellDarkness Additional information: Got randomly dc'ed when I got online at square. After trying to log in back, it turned out to character prohibited, can you unblock please? Thank you so much!
  2. Account Blocked

    Account name: Pestinhah12 Character name : Agares Date: 4/18 9:00~9:25 am Got blocked switching square after mailing.
  3. Account blocked

    Account name: alesoares2 Character name : Josefina Date: 4/17 6:40~6:55 pm Got blocked after sending mail to other account character and relogging
  4. Account Blocked

    Account name: genhui123 Character name : Kurimi Date: 4/13/2019 4:38am Got blocked after sending mail to other character and relogging
  5. Character Name(s) : Yakibous Date : April 8, 2019 Approximate Server Time**: 03:18 ~ 03:19 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Cold Shining Forgotten Snow Girl's Head (DEX) +15 x1, but most importantly it had double max DEX grade. Additional Comments : I clicked outside of the backpack by mistake and missclicked the F1 instead of F2.
  6. Conta Presa

    Entrar: rapha.schembash96@gmail.com Nick: IceSoldier (Yuki) Data / Hora: 30/03 Por volta das 04:38 Informação Adicional: Mudança de um E-mail que eu até o meu casual, eu estava logado na praça BR1 proximo a Susan, e não sabia que esse problema me causaria problemas, peço as mais sinceras desculpas.
  7. Account blocked

    * Account name : crgnlib@naver.com * Character name : ElSieg * Date and Time : 03:15 - 03:40 AM 4/5 2019 * Additional information : I think it's because it's the same IP as the account written in the below topic. thanks.
  8. Rollback

    Character Name(s) : Zengu Date :2019/04/04 Approximate Server Time***: 00.19am Item Name(s)* & (Quantity):One cold cs +15 Chaos head Additional Comments I extraced it instead of regrading it.
  9. Character Name(s) : Gun2 Date : 2019.03.28 [2019. 03. 29.(korea time)] Approximate Server Time**: 17:00pm~17:10pm [1:00am~1:10am(korea time)] Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Cold Shining Sardes Devill ll Weapon (int) +15 Additional Comments : I've finished reinforcing the item. after that i tried to appraise it. but i noticed that i did extract, not appraise. please rollback to me the item.
  10. Hello,today i sold my Tribal support on the shop by mistake....its possible to recovery it???? Date : 27/17/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 10:31 PM Character Name:SpiritQueen Item Name: Dance-Under-The-Night-Sky Outfit of The Tribal Folk Additional Comments :I selled it by acident on the shop.
  11. Account blocked

    Posted 20 hours ago Account name: katiazeugin721@ymail.com Character name: ; Gabys402 Date and Time: -01:00 - 01:45 am 3/27 2019 Additional information: I tried to change the square. tks.
  12. Account Blocked

    Account name: tjrjsgkd@gmail.com Character name: ; Gun2 Account name: tjrjsgkd@naver.com Character name: ; Supplier Account name: rjsgkd94@daum.net Character name: ; Reminisce Date and Time: 10:30 pm~12:00 am 3/26 2019 Additional information: I tried to change the square. However, all my accounts in all three accounts have been blocked.
  13. Account Blocked

    Account name: han980237@naver.com Character name: ; ParkSungJin Date and Time: 06:49 am~7:00 am 3/23 2019 Additional information: after sending mail...blocked
  14. Character Prohibited

    Character name:yesterday4 Date and Time: 03/21 3:35 am (Server time) Additional information: Got randomly dc when crafting 9ns acc. After kicking back to the char menu, it turned out to be prohibited for that char. Thanks so much!
  15. Account Bloked

    will_l.b@hotmail.com Character Name : xKyrax , MinhaTiaGata, IrisDDM, will_l.b1@hotmail.com Character Name : Schura time : 20:30 hours nigth more or less , Day 20/03/2019 I was normal, taking the DGBS I decided to change my account, then I blocked the two . Estava Mexendo normal , pegando as DGBS resolvi trocar de conta , ai bloquiou as duas. ( Appears on login your account has been blocked )
  16. Account Blocked

    Account name: sm0920188@gmail.com Character name: MH1403 ID:wwww Date and Time: 03-19-2019 Additional information: After sending the letter, after going to the market IPBAN? plz help me
  17. Account Blocked

    Account name: pianbezz@gmail.com Character name: Hnnoni Date and Time: 11:50 AM 03-18-2019 Additional information: after receiving mail, changing square..
  18. sold item

    Date : 03/17/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 7:31 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): brightly shining ancient fire foot(dex) +15 Additional Comments :sorry my mistake
  19. Account stuck

    thxxUSER ID: qweasdzxc1833 EMAIL: s0880197@gmail.comcharacter name: Mikaeru
  20. Character Name(s) :joooy Date :2019/03/09 Approximate Server Time***: 11:47am Item Name(s)* & (Quantity):gold Additional Comments I sent 320000 gold by mail but CherriesCream recive 210000 gold, Please send the rest by mail to joooy
  21. Account Blocked

    Account name: Thundaa Character name: Thunda Date and Time: 22:30 GMT +1 04.03.2019 Additional information: Mailed from one character to the other and changed squares
  22. Account Blocked

    Account name: iMegaCrown & Desiver Character name: Totsuka & Daenery Date and Time: 16:10 GMT -3 - 03/04/2019 Additional information: Mailed from one character to the other and changed squares
  23. account blocked

    sorry for the new topic, they said the other was created in the wrong place "suggestions" I am now creating in the right place I can't log in my account. And can't log off my character from the official website "Character stuck" happened after I changed my account email login : jairbernardo402@gmail.com character: YuriiiBoyka help me please
  24. Account Blocked

    Two of my accounts were blocked for no reason.. Name: rafaellbrv Char: JaneDoe and Name: rafaelalbrv Char: SometimesNoah
  25. Account Blocked

    Account name: alicebauernfeind Character name: AlmostGay