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Found 687 results

  1. Account Blocked

    Account name: obi-juan88 Character name: Bathory Date and Time: 04/05/20 12:17:30 AM(Server Time) Additional information:Sent mail and then changed square.
  2. Character Block

    Hi, GM @Wendy @Crash My Character is blocked, could you please help me? Account Name: NFArtur Character Nick: Koehlethy Additional Information: I was fishing then as soon as i got up i got dc and my character was blocked. Thanks for the help, sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Character Block

    Hello, GM @Wendy @Crash, How are you? My Character is block, please, you can help me? Account Name: davisxxxt@gmail.com Character Nick: TheGelo Additional Information: I was doing the fortification pack mission and I took dc and now my character is blocked. Thank in advance, and sorry for giving you these job I will defeat them with my divine songs. - Kali
  4. Account Blocked

    Account name: obi-juan88 Character name: Burzum Date and Time: 08/04/2020 4:48AM(Server Time) Additional information:Sent mail and then changed square.
  5. Account Blocked

    Account name: User_wind Character name: Nugyen Date and time: 4/1/2020 17:24 PM NY time Additional Information: I send a mail message to someone and then switch square immediately, I didn't know you'll be blocked for doing that. I'm sorry.
  6. Account Blocked

    Account name: Medic Character name: akaMedic Date and time: 29/12/19 10:00 am ? Additional Information: I'm sorry. I switched squares too fast after mailing item. happy holidays!
  7. Account's Blocked

    Account name: dainnbolado@gmail.com Character name: Superiorer Account name: alicebetinas@gmail.com Character name: zWrath Date and Time: 10 min ago Additional information: I sent some items to my lime and my accounts have been blocked
  8. Lost Item

    Char name: MDArien Date: 11/18/2019 Time: Around 8am server time Item: ShiningWeapon of the Light Spirit (DEX) Sold to the npc by accident ;--; https://prnt.sc/pyp39x
  9. Account blocked

    Account name: fansutsang@gmail.com Character name: fansu122 Date and Time: 11/18/2019 22:18pm Additional information: Blocked after sending mail to market and switching squares.
  10. blocked account

    @Wendy his account name is: davidarck Character name: maxprint and got IP block (probabily because of sending mail and changing square). Can you help him? Thank you
  11. Account Blocked .

    계정 이름 :lone010@naver.com 캐릭터 이름 : firearm 날짜 및 시간 : before 10minutes 추가 정보 : a continuous receipt of mail
  12. Account Blocked

    Account name: nice_aim Character name: Hummus Date and Time: A few minutes ago Additional information: doing myth stages, must have switched stages too quickly
  13. Account Blocked

    Account name: Character name: CherriesCreamDate and Time: 2:10:0 AM ~Additional information: I was moving to the square when I stopped.....
  14. Account Blocked

    Account name: rennitoyou@gmail.com Character name: Pado Date and Time: 3:00?pm Additional information: It says they're not allowed to use it when they're working together
  15. Account Blocked

    Account name:TheKillerSerial Character name:NikkyDream Date and Time:22/10/2019 - 08:24 Additional information:estava vendendo na praça e fui bloqueada
  16. Roll Backs

    Character Name(s) : DarkCS Date:20/10/2019 Approximate Server Time**:AM10:22~10:24 Item Name(s)*&(Quantity):Selenic Necklace Craftbook Additional Comments: When I am selling goods, I accidentally sold it.
  17. Account Blocked

    Account name: ababal@naver.com Character name: Some Date and Time: 2019/10/19 5:50pm Additional information: Sending Items and change sq
  18. Account Blocked

    Account name: CardinalCherry Character name: Takana Date and Time: 2019/10/17 22:00 Additional information: Sending Items and change sq
  19. Account Blocked

    Account name: obi-juan88 Character name: Burzum Date and Time: 10/16/19 6:10AM (Server Time) Additional information: Was crafting night spirit rings, then it logged me out and now i cannot log in. It says "Use of this character is prohibited"
  20. account blocked

    Account name: lunia3307@outlook.com Character name: TheTurnOfPower Date and Time: 21:46 hour Additional information: is in the sq mkt1 sending some items to another character I came out fast when I wanted to enter I get a blocked account
  21. Lost itens

    Character Name(s) : DraGrey Date : 10/14/2019 Approximate Server Time: 07:30 Item Name(s) & (Quantity): Mysterious Box from the District x12 Additional Comments : I had also used one 5th skill core
  22. account blocked

    Account name: DougScarlett Character name: KaliScarlett Date and Time: 11/10/2019 13:31 Brasilian time Additional information: I was playing ddx the game ended up giving error and closing alone, when I went to log was saying that all my accounts had been blocked why?
  23. lost item

    Character Name : Rudan Server Date: 2019year 10month 4day Server Time : 04h 18m Item @ upgrade , Amount Valkyrie Pet(Int) Special 12 /1 (Myth)Valkyrie Etc 1 /1 (Myth)Valkyrie Etc2 /1 (Myth)Valkyrie Mask /1 Daily Gift Box IV /1 More information When I equipped a Valkyrie pet and opened my DGBs, suddenly the UI disappeared and I was dropped out of square.And I has joined to square again but the items of the list are removed
  24. Account Blocked

    계정명 : akqmfakqmf12@naver.com 캐릭터 명 : sdfvgbery5gtsdrt 서버 시간 : 7:05PM ? 추가 정보 : 웹마켓으로 골드를 보내고 바로 광장이동을하였다가 '사용이금지된캐릭터'라 뜹니다.
  25. Account blocked

    Account name: krislaine.horrane@gmail.com Character name: horrane Date and Time: 02/10/2019 20:32 (GMT-3) Additional information: When trying to log in displays message: You are already connected to the Lobby.