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[Discussion] Revamped Myth Raids

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Posted on: February 06, 2017, 05:14:04 pm


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Hello everyone. It seems with the latest patch, many users have been concerned with myth raids becoming end game content. This means that users who previously were able to enjoy myth raids can no longer enjoy these raids, unless they are equipped with end game gear.

The primary concern appears to be that users simply cannot enjoy content which they were once able to do; And this has been an error in lack of foresight in development. Seeing this issue arise, I will be personally working on a solution;

The solution is as follows; Quests will be reverted to their old states. This will mean that non-end game users will be able to still be able to do myth raids, and participate in the OLD versions of the daily quests. 

This however brings along the intentions of the revamped myth raids; to create more endgame content. The new magic scrolls were brought in with intention to motivate people to participate in these endgame raids. This means that the non-revamped versions of the myth raids will not reward the new scrolls. 

This creates two things for us;
[1] Easy Mode Myth Raids (normal HP, normal EXP, etc.)
[2] Normal Mode Myth Raids (x100 HP, x10 EXP) << Requires (2) runs to obtain a new scroll.
[3] Hard Mode Myth Raids (x200 HP, x20 EXP) << Requires (1) run to obtain a new scroll.

My final notes/TL;DR
[a.] Intentions weren't to destroy myth raids for non-end-game users.
[b.] Myth raids will be "reverted" on EASY mode. (Will not reward the new scroll system.)
[c.] Normal and Hard mode will become "revamped," and will reward the new scroll system.

Post your feeling below.

Special Note : The new scroll system is AN END GAME REWARD, and thus can only be rewarded on END GAME CONTENT. Easy mode myth raids are not end game content, and thus will not reward scrolls.

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