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[Dev Diary] What's new in Lunia?

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Posted on: February 24, 2017, 01:17:45 am


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Patch Version 30 Revision 0 Notes

Work in progress, will edit this post as updates are worked on. 
Maintenance scheduled for 01 April, 2017, from 23:69 to 00:00 (server time)

What's new? 

New skills: 

Log Out
- Usable by INT types
A skill usable only by the most intelligent people. Uses a profound secret technique to sever your connection to the server, closing the game.

Rage Quit
- Usable by VIT types
Reagent required: Keyboard (1), Monitor (1)
A skill usable only by the strongest people. Hurls your keyboard into your monitor and destroy everything on the screen, including the screen itself. Requires a high amount of VIT to be able to survive the shock of finding out the repair cost of your computer.

- Usable by DEX types 
A skill only usable by the fastest people, whose dexterity has reached such a high level that they can press not one, but TWO buttons at once!

New game mode: Spirit Lunia Maintenance Simulator

This game mode may be accessed by disconnecting your computer from the internet.
How long can you survive without Lunia?

- Ultimate cores will be purchasable for 0 gold in the reagents store (limited to 0 times per day)

- Fixed a gold dupe bug

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