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Selene the Queen

Rollback Guidelines

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Please copy-paste the following into a new topic, & fill out the necessary information for us to help you. Any reports after Feb 8, 2016 must follow this format.

  • Character Name(s) : 
  • Date : 
  • Approximate Server Time**: 
  • Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 
  • Additional Comments :

* Please use the exact item names, which is shown in-game. This is because there are similar items for different classes, and different variants (INT/DEX/VIT).

** Server time is the time that is displayed at the top of the forums and the website. Please remember to leave the server's time and not your local time!

★ We'd like to ask you to make your thread title something other than just "Rollback" 
If for example you lost a DKD box, you can name your thread "Rollback - DKD Box"

Your reports will probably have a better chance at being done quickly if they are not demanding, follow the format, are clear, and are in non-google-translate-english.

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Example of a report done right:


Character Name(s) : GM_Knowledge
Date : 30th February, 2016 
Approximate Server Time***: 04:20 am
Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Dark-Knight Devil III (Weapon) (INT) x1
Additional Comments : 
I was playing District of the Deities in a party, and had obtained a box from the boss.
Upon opening it, I got a DKD INT weapon. However, shortly after, I got disconnected because I forgot to pay my electricity bill.
Upon logging in back to the game, my weapon was missing. I have also checked my inventory and found that the box was not there.


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