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Another question, a friend wants to play, but when reading the posts saying that if logging in the same internet network is banned he does not want to play anymore, is this true?
If someone plays here at home or plays at my friends' house, will we be banned?
Can someone help me, I still do not get it.

Another issue when talking to some players told me that the last set is currently not the best, by canceling the damage attributes of the players?
That way it does not pay to mount it, but to mount a mixed set, is it true?

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Not sure about your first question so ain't gonna give an answer.

About your second question; There is gonna be a high chance that you need selenic AND chaos lunia gear for m2, so you need to get both.

And yeah max buff limit is 3 and the buffs themselves don't work with some other buffs ingame, it replaces them or something which sucks.

You should get both sets, but you can equip 3 selenic and 4 chaos lunia pieces for just the damage passives.

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