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Back from the closure. Hi

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I'm somewhat a veteran (started playing when there were just 5 characters), i passed through ijji and saw the rise and fall of the game in all its glory.

Heres a funny story.
Sometime then i used to be a huge fan of the player "NightShadowX" (Aka Nite), so what i did is create a Sieg called "LightShadowX". And you have no idea what happened then.
As a family guest, i was inserted IN HIS FAMILY. I was hella crazy. But that's how it started. Then i got to meet people of his guild called "Fusion" and well, that's how i got in by the time. My brother (IGN: Sapphire) used to be there from the time before Myth was introduced, he suddenly stopped playing because studies, but i continued.
Later on, i created a Ralph and then got him in the guild and made my sieg left, changing his name. I told you i used to change names a lot jajaja but this time, it was mostly because i felt a bit embarrased to have a name that was very like Nite. Despite this, i had really happy times playing with the guild in myth raids such as coc2 and coc3. I will never forget those moments.
A bit later on, i figured out he used to make videos for youtube. mostly gameplays of his sieg doing hard stages. He had Bonus 3-1 and 3-3 but there was no 3-2, so i decided to do it myself, and so i did. Please excuse the low quality, i didn't have a good pc back then jaja.


Something i do regret a lot is not have saved many screenshots from those wonderful times, but i do have a few. Check them out.
Then i decided to change name, dunno why, i just did. And before i used to be called "Kelblaze".

These are the last pictures before the closure.

Something i enjoyed a lot from the game is that i actually NEVER paid in real money for Lcoins. Not because i didn't want to, but because i'm from Argentina, so at that time i had no idea how to do so. Didn't have a paypal. So all i did was buy Lcoins with money gold or DD equipment. And so i got the valkyrie, DGBs, all inventory bags, etc.
Even though the game closed many years ago, i do still have my skills, so i hope to be a good addition to Spirit Lunia in doing the hardest raids, which i will be doing, that's for sure. I'll regain my old self soon enough. My nickname now is MaitoDai.
Good to meet all of you.



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welcome to the server friend, I do not know if you remember me of the global, here is a photo and a video of mine of the time, I'm also playing on the spirit server currently

My videos: 


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