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Only Ralph finishing the Tower DD ToES Video

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Hi friends, I came here to bring you today, my video clearing the tower DD ToES of Ralph, that char that nobody of the ball and does not like to play because it has no damage and that is complicated of playing rsrs, I am Ralph more than 8 years already and I do not abandon my class for anything :) we are here to break the barriers and paradigms with it! Leave your like and comment to give that morale, thank you <3


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Gz, but at 18:00 you have 0 HP.

30 seconds later after your recording error, you have more then 0 HP... wtf is this sorcery?

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2 runs @Somebody but I put the text chat of the new climb on the old to look like it was all one, but the question was not too cool lol.

I move with video issues so it's easy for me, my intention was to leave everything as a video only, I clicked right into the text box and the bar of mp and almost exactly where the other character was, now as you can see in the example below I I put the red bar in the character and put it up there too to indicate that it still has a value, but it would not make sense because the skill of this boss really zero HP, and the character would keep flashing, so I preferred to leave it natural as the junction of two video, and it was just the text box docked to learn from the same video and not something ugly. :P

If you notice the part of floor 34 has an edition of mine too hahaha, there the dwarf bombs always take a while to die so I cut the part of the video and put their own bars made by me descending on when the ladder appears, but you can see that the door does not appear, because in the original recording I stayed there longer xD


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