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Selene the Queen

Server issues - Lunia back online

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Hey everyone,


I have been summoned. First of all, apologies for the downtime the past day or so.

Either way, our hosting provider decided it was a good idea to change our server's public IP address without giving us any heads up. This means our US server became unreachable, even by us. Now that I have access to it again, I managed to fix things.

This means lunia is back online now.
You may still experience some issues, with connecting (see below) or with the in-game shop, but working on those. Also some issues with the PvP server.

The fact that we have a new IP address means spirit-gaming.net currently does not work, and thus you cannot reach the site or the game. To change spirit-gaming.net to a new IP is a change within the DNS settings of the domain-name. The thing with that is, it is not instant. Once I change the IP, it takes up to a day or so for this change to propogate around the world.

However, there's a temporary fix you can apply within your system to make Windows "think" that spirit-gaming.net is actually on the new IP already. For that fix, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Notepad as administrator
  2. Go to File > Open... and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  3. Open the file named hosts. If you can't see this file, look at bottom right and change Textdocuments (*.txt) to All files(*.*)
  4. In that file, at the bottom, on a new line, add the following (all these are required to make the site, patcher and game work):    www.spirit-gaming.net    spirit-gaming.net    us-lunia.spirit-gaming.net    us2-lunia.spirit-gaming.net
  5. Now save the file, and Lunia should be working again!

The above steps are not required, the DNS changes will reach you eventually, but if you don't wish to wait, fix is right there.

Make sure to spread the word! Not everyone visits these forums, and the site is down until the DNS changes.

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