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- Rollback DDM int weapon - Careless extraction

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  • Character Name(s) : GruundIsBack
  • Date : 06/11/2019
  • Approximate Server Time**: 08:00AM    (tenta lembrar a hora do server. Que horas foi no seu relógio? Então, aumenta 5 horas do fuso horário que vc chega na hora do server)
  • Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 1x Chaos Lunia Weapon (INT)
  • Additional Comments : I was going to put max add, however, i extract it by accident.  Please give me back the item. S2 //
    Hello, how are you?
    yesterday, I finally drove my gun ddm1 int, and at the time of putting max add, I was on the wrong tab and extracted. Please, I would hold back, I've been trying to drop this item for so long, and in the hour of madness, I put it in the wrong place. Please!
Edited by Gruund

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Your item has been added to the Refund List. 
please keep in mind that it may take a while for GMs to mail it back to you
Be careful not to make mistakes in the future.


Please complete only one post.
I will see it in time.
Do not send DM for refund.
All posts are written in English.

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Thank you very much
It will not happen again, it was anxiety!
My first post, I did not know how I did it, well, thank you very much again!

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