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Cash Item and stats?

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Hi everyone!

I need some information when it comes to cash items, special dyes and stats?

As I remembered back when you opened Random Boxes, fashionable items came with stats. I've purchased a random box and got an item, which has no stats attached to it. (New player)

I figured. Ok, these basically have become a cosmetic ordeal, until I checked another player having insane stats on their fashionable items. I've tried searching the answers on this forum, on, how or possible what I may have done wrong, or what I require to do to get stats on mine, but I just couldn't anything related to it..

Can anyone shed some light on a freshly new toon.. Did I do something wrong?


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Hello! welcome back!! any questions feel free to ask in game at Hoez.

For myth you add Soul Fragment that can be acquire by finishing raids and raid quest, and it gives you a chance to get 125-625 with a chance of physical crit, magic crit, combact specialist, combat expert( the max value on these is 2 and minimum of 1). 


For stage you'd use Knight or Wizard scrolls which you get from DDZ boxes or from buying from other players, wiz ii are about 500g and knight ii 300. These also come with  the value of either 1 or 2 rank, 2 being the best value and what you'd like to get.


sorry if my explanation is sloppy but if anything feel free to reach out in pms or in game.

Welcome back to lunia!!



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