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Broken toenails drop rate

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Hi there,

I'm trying to farm 7-9 with my Sieg for several days, i'm not playing all day long but i did probably around 120 runs so far. My luck with broken toenails is....0 pieces.

I just want to know if i'm simply unlucky or am i doing something wrong because i really kind of don't know what's going on.....

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The rate is far lower as you might expect. You should get a broken toenail about every 300~500boxes. Either way our previous dev added it as a 100% drop for each run of 3-10L. Consequently, 7-9h is a waste of time regarding farming rod V weapon.


I personally think it is far too easy to obtain now.

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Ok i see now. Thanks for reply.

Is there any chance that the drop rate in 7-9h would be some kind higher at some point? I'm quite new to this server so 3-10L is out of my reach probably forever since it's a miracle to get into any kind of party nowadays.

Not complaining or anything, i really like this server but at this point as from my point of view ( completely new player) it's super hard to get any stronger and i'm hitting a hard wall both in myth and stage.

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