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Daily Gift Boxes

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Hi Guys,

Recently a friend of mine and me started playing Lunia again, I fell in love again!

To make a long story short, my question is if I could transfer my Daily gift boxes from one of my characters to another. I remember this could be done back in the days. I'm curious if this is still possible. I can also proof that it is the same account without a problem.

It would be 4 Daily gift boxes from the character named "Balkan" to my Iris called "Immuunn" 


Kind regards,




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If both chars are in the same account, you just have to make a post at this link:

You have to put a screenshot of your chars and wait until wendy transfer. The account must be offline, so you have to becareful. Wendy transf dgb at dawn sunday, saturday or monday (at server time)

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