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Demonstration video of 75 and 85 skill in game

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I would like to ask those who have skills 85 and 75 to send me a short video, I would like to see how it is in the game because I am confused about what it is and what it is. Thank you in advance. xoxox <3

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Hi dear. I will leave a link for u, because i dont have a video, who show for u All ultimate skills and 75 skill from Lunia Spirit.

In Lunia Spirit:

  • Some Ultimate Skill are change (Skill 85): Kali, Dacy, / Dark, Ralph, Ryan ( They are the old Ultimate skill).
  • Arien gets a Buffs when she used 85 (increase her damage).
  • DEX 75's: they are consume 33% MP because they are 0delay.

But i'm telling, this is K-TEST video, not Lunia Spirit.


Lime Skill 75 and 85:

Some Old's Ultimate Skill:

If anyone wanna show him, just post here. 

Thanks all. ^_^

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These skills are from the old game, I wanted to show them in the game today: /
But thanks for letting me know that these are 75 official versions. I remember there was a project of a new 75, apparently abandoned. No problem, but they could add a 95 hahahahahahahahaha

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Hi @BelaHexe 

I think u are talking about some News Skills from a Old Gm (But it was a test, and was never update in this game). Look for ProjectGoddess on Youtube. 

This game doesnt have news 75 or 85! They are the same! But, like i said, some Ult are change.

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