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RB Book Quest in ToES?

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Hi guys, i have a idea for ToEs thats i was thinking. Well, why dont put in RB Book Quest in ToES? U can use once a month, but dont reset your level. U can get RB Book in normal Toes, but i was thinking to put in 70’s Floor, the quest. As time passes, its obvilious to increase HP of Monsters when the new sets coming. Is it interesting to note that DEX class, about their Ultimate, because they can spam your Ult and this make easier for them. One idea is to create a buffs for their Ultimate time, to make them like VIT and INT classes. With this RB, make a possible to get level 95, therefore we can leave our 75 full points, in wich the is so rarely. This application will let chars with level 99, remain in level 99 and bring back to the game the compete for ranks and rb.  :P

@Crash @Element @Wendy @Selene the Queen

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Level keeping rebirth is not gona happen. At least not with a 1 month delay only.

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