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Server instability

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Posted on: October 20, 2015, 06:58:07 pm



As you most likely noticed, our server has not been very stable lately.

The cause for this is known; our bandwidth on the EU server is actually very low right now, likely being throttled. Or in other words, being limited.

EU hosts our database, because it's one of the servers with the least traffic. If EU is laggy, and BR cannot make a request to its database, it will disconnect itself from the master server (US) en die.

We've already ordered a new EU server to replace the current one and we're waiting for the order to complete. If it does before this weekend, you can expect a quite lengthy maintenance this weekend (read: easily up to 6 hours) in order to move the very large database.

Until then, please remain patient and bear with us. We're doing everything available in our power to get the server stable again.

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