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Let me explain... this gold dupe to you all.

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Posted on: December 09, 2015, 07:00:21 pm


It is apparently unbelievable... that someone gets banned. And I end up getting accused of wrongfully banning this user.

So, since I like to type walls of text, and honesty with users is a good thing... let me explain to you, just how this neat gold dupe was done.

On the website, we've got an "Unstuck"-feature. This feature is used in most cased to unstuck your character in case you can't get on it. Well, in this neat little feature, there was a small bug.

What this does, is first check if you're still online in the "Lobby", the main server of Lunia. If not, it will allow you to unstuck your character. However, there was a bug where this "check" would not work properly. In other words, a user could unstuck themselves while still being online! What would that do, you may think? Well, it'd remove you from the Lobby, and allow you to log in AGAIN on your character, while already being logged in on it.

So what did Sh3nr0ids do? Well, fairly simple, here's the step by step guide:

  • He logged in on Sh3nr0ids, which had 400,000 gold... let's say to Square BR
  • Then he went to the Unstuck feature, and unstucked his character, with his client still open in Square BR
  • Then he logged in again, on Sh3nr0ids, again, since the game thought he was offline. And went to, say, Market US.
  • He then went to his Sh3nr0ids in Square BR and mailed all of his gold away. Now his Square BR client has 0 gold.
  • He logs off with that, and the game saves that he has 0 gold.
  • BUT... his other Sh3nr0ids was still online, unharmed, with 400,000 gold. Due to Lunia's nature, it only updates the gold in one client.
  • He logs off with that, and the game saves that he has 400,000 gold again.
  • BOOM! He now has 400,000 gold that he mailed away and has his 400,000 gold back.

All of the above was confirmed by many different logs, and proves that this guy is in fact a cheater. A cheater whom will never return to this game. A cheater who, even after cleaning, flowed about half a million gold into the game.

But hey... half a million is still better than the approximately 5,000,000 gold and ~30 DKD boxes that this guy duped.

So next time when someone tries to tell you a story about how bad we are as GMs... think again.

Enjoy Lunia! Remember, we care about the experience of our players, not the experience of our cheaters. And don't forget, we see everything ;)

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