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Gold Duping Incident 1/19/2016

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Posted on: January 19, 2016, 06:50:38 am


On a bright side, I am glad to see that many of our users have remembered the ban-fest of december, and thus were not willing to accept the gold! Kudos to you all. I will bake you cookies for your birthdays.

Ingame Rule — Exploit/Bug Abuse

Intentionally abusing a bug or an exploit to your own advantage is NOT allowed. 
This can include actions such as "creating many guests and leveling them to level 70 in order to farm 10,000g boxes." 

If such an exploit occurs unintentionally, you are expected to report it immediately to a staff member. 
Failure to do so will leave you liable for abusing the exploit/bug.

Added November 22nd, 2014.
Revised November 5th, 2015. (Added section refering to reports.)

It has come to my attention that we have another cute gold/item duper around.
This user had flooded our server with hundreds of thousands of duped gold, and
potentially items via an exploit in the game's system. It is rumored that this user
gave out gold or items to friends who willingly accepted these gifts.

At the moment, we are banning everyone who affiliated with this user, on the spot.
If you feel that you have been wrongfully banned, or are willing to work to some form of agreement with us, please respond below.

We will not guarantee anything.

Information which may be useful to us?
Your charactername.
What you received from said dupers.
What you did with said duped items/gold.



Unfortunately, in order to prevent the game from being irrevocably damaged, we have to take immediate action to ban everyone who has duplicated gold, and have the administrators manually remove it.

If investigations prove that you are innocent, the ban will be temporary, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused, but such measures are a must to ensure the survival of the server.

Spamming here or on shoutbox will not help your case. Verbally abusing the Spirit Lunia staff will not help your case either. In fact, such actions might hinder your case.

So, Spirit community, please just state your case peacefully as to why your ban should only be temporary because if you didn't do anything wrong they will be able to tell. And then they will lift your ban.

I posted my case here already and I am certain once they are done reviewing everything my character will be released. Why? I did nothing suspicious or wrong knowingly and was not complicit in wrong doing. If you did nothing wrong there is no reason to panic, it just sucks you can't use your character for a little while.
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